Who is this?

Basically, I’m a nerd, and I spend waaaaaaay too much time on the internet.

I’m a geology student, and a big fan of cartoons and animation, movies of the action and/or comedy genera, Nintendo, ‘light’ fantasy books, and a select few TV shows.

I’ve followed quite a few review shows and blogs over the years, so I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now. The opportunity presented itself this year after I got really into a show I was a little embarrassed to be so excited about: LEGO Ninjago. I had some extra time due to being done with graduation and all, and I wanted to explain to the world (and myself) why I liked the show so much, so I took the time to write up some episode-by-episode reviews/recaps when I needed a break from school. And so I re-tooled this blog into a review blog!

I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from/ripping off a few different reviewers, like SF Debris, Unshaved Mouse , and Linkara’s History of Power Rangers.

I am a Senior in the Brigham Young University geology department. I love learning about geology, but I love going out and living it in the field more. I work part-time at BYU’s paleontology museum.



4 responses to “Who is this?”

  1. Maddison says :

    Hi my name is Maddison,
    I happened across your blog while searching through the Ninjago tag on DA. And I was thoroughly impressed! I absolutely love it! I am a college age girl as well and it is so cool to find someone who mirrors my sentiments about the show almost perfectly! I thought it was so funny how you happened across the show and accidentally fell in love. It really is a good show, but I love how you don’t give it any slack, and repeatedly point out bad plot points and contrivances.Also it is incredibly refreshing to read something that doesn’t swear every five seconds! I look forward to more reviews! Please do more they are fantastic.
    Fellow fangirl,

    • orangeoctopi says :

      Thank you so much Maddison! I appreciate getting feedback of any kind, and positive feedback is even better! “Accidentally fell in love” is actually a pretty perfect way to put what happened. I was bored one weekend and I had just finished midterms, so I watched the first episode on a less-than-legitimate site with the attitude of “Ok, people who wrote the LEGO Movie, impress me.” And boy did they ever. I think I ended up staying up until two that morning to finish season 1.
      I’m glad you appreciate my non-swearing policy. I was brought up that way and I always feel a little self-conscious about it on the internet because it usually feels like EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH swears so much.

      • Maddison says :

        Thanks for replying so soon! I really appreciate knowing someone else is out there like me, because frankly I feel a little crazy sometimes. By the way, your review of episode 7 was my favorite! Zane is my favorite character and that was one of the first episodes I watched. I gush over how good that episode is constantly! (I could probably quote the whole darn thing. That’s how big of a nerd I am) I loved your analysis of the why behind it being so good and it made me happy to relive the episode from another point of view.
        I’m really looking forward to your Rebooted reviews, your character analysis of Pixal, Cyrus Borg, and Sensei Garmadon, and especially your review of episode 34 specificaly. Pretty interesting episode I must say. I cant wait to read your reaction as well as your analysis of that bombshell.
        On a side note, what is it like for you being a fan? I am an animation nerd as well and tend to love a lot of stuff outside my demographic. I have a really supportive family that doesn’t judge me based on my strange choice in entertainment, but I find it hard to be myself especially around my roommates. Any words of advice for a fellow college student?

      • orangeoctopi says :

        I’m honestly having a slightly harder time analyzing season 3 because it’s so short and it’s harder to pick out over-arching themes, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Yeah episode 34… I couldn’t do a reaction post on it because I watched it at my grandparents’ house over vacation and I didn’t have time to write anything up, but I watched it with my two youngest siblings and… we were all shocked silent for the last ten minutes or so, until the very end, when we started yelling “What!? That can’t be the end! That’s the end!?” at the TV.
        My family is also pretty supportive of me, probably because my sister is actually going into animation.
        As for roommates, I don’t really know what to say because everyone is different. I’m really lucky that I have cool roommates who are just used to the fact that I sit at my computer laughing at cartoons in my free time. I suggest just being open and happy about what you are doing, rather than secretive, and they’ll probably be happy that this is something healthy that makes YOU happy, rather than something UNHEALTHY like drugs or something. Everybody has hobbies and interests, animation isn’t a very weird or disruptive one.

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