New Episode Reactions: The End of Season 5

Oops, I forgot to put the spoilers under the cut, sorry!

Curse World, Part 1

One Sentence Reaction: Things get even more intense as the climax comes, and there’s one more episode left, so of course we don’t stop the baddies in time.

Oh look, Skylor’s still around!

Oh look, Borg’s here too! Aw, they’re bringing back old characters, I love that.

Sorry Kai and Lloyd, no new toys for kids to buy for you.

It’s a decoy!

Wait a sec, that’s Nya!

There is so much distraction going on right now.

D’aw, Lloyd’s really cute in his street cloths.

Ok Nya, time to shine. This is an exercise in futility.

Crap! Moro knows exactly how to get the Lloyd.

Great. He was just stalling anyway.

Oh crap. Things are going to crap from here.


Curse World, Part 2

One Sentence Reaction: Lot of cool fight scenes and emotions to bring the season to a close.

Wow, the Preeminent is disgusting.

Apparently the Preeminent is bigger on the inside.

Huh. Interesting. Clause, Chen, and Garmadon are all still human, I guess if you go in without actually dying, the cursed realm has a different effect on you. I expected them to be ghosts too.

Why does he need to be chained up? He’s in the cursed realm, where’s he gonna go? What’s he gonna do?

Garmadon’s right, saving the realms is much more important than saving him… but I really hope we find a way to do both.

Aaaaand suddenly we’re in a kaiju movie.

‘Even our coolest moves barely phase it.’ Oh my gosh, I love you dorks.

Ronan’s having a really epic fight with Moro!

Lloyd’s come back… somehow.

As awesome as he looks in his dad’s robes, I can’t help but giggle at the thought of the two of them having to dress down to their underwear to switch cloths. Also, how’d they even get Garmadon’s cloths off if he’s chained up?

And now for an even more epic fight between Lloyd and Moro!

Meanwhile, the rest of the team has a really hard time holding the Preeminent back.

Huh, look, it’s that other LEGO show I’ve never actually watched.

Crap, where’s Lloyd!?

Nya’s finally unlocked her true potential, and dang it is over-the-top.

Aw, Wu actually did care about Moro.

Ah, here’s Lloyd. Yep, it looks like Garmadon is dead for really realsies now. Excuse me while I go cry.

So I’ve heard this is the last season. Is that right? I dunno why, but it feels somewhat unresolved. We still don’t know how Moro was defying fate, or why Cole didn’t have a reflection in the ice caverns, or why/how Ronan racked up a debt to the Soul Archer (I guess my theory was wrong, or at least unresolved). Part of me wants the series to go on, but part of me would like them to quit while they’re ahead. I don’t want the series to end with seasonal rot like Spongebob or something like that.

Well, that’s more than enough feels for me. I dunno if I can handle any more emotional cartoons for a…



That’s right.

Well I’m dead.


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22 responses to “New Episode Reactions: The End of Season 5”

  1. Maddison says :

    I love the bit at the end XD so many feelsss….
    love your reactions and theories as always!
    Just wanted to let you know that there is another season coming soon. I saw a teaser for it a week ago so you might have seen it already 🙂 plus the Hageman brothers confirmed it at comic con. I feel the same way. A lot of stuff was left unresolved and im still holding out that Garmadon somehow magically survived. I love him so much! This season was so great, it surprised me with how good it was at every turn! the beginning of this season I was so afraid it wasn’t even going to measure up to previous seasons, and now I cant decide which I like better, season 3 or 5! Hopefully 6 doesn’t let us down.
    Hope you can continue your reviews!

    • orangeoctopi says :

      Yes, I saw it too. I’m so sorry I’ve kinda abandoned this blog, but I’ve just got a ton more real-life priorities and even when I do have free time I’ve been spending it on my fanfiction lately.

  2. Unknown says :


  3. Unknown says :

    I hope s/he’ll continue it as well. I also gave her a tip on a new show s/he can review. (It’s the Flash CW.)

  4. Unknown says :

    And what’s “the other LEGO show”?

  5. Unknown says :

    sorry, accidentally posted that. If i was alot more emotional, I would’ve cried about how Lloyd is now in the cursed realm. I think Lloyd is awesome in his street clothes. It’s epic! He’s a ninja and he’s battling in his street clothes. It’s just awesome. Thank god Dareth wasn’t here (because now we’re back in Ninjago City). Borg is officially one of my favourite characters.

  6. Unknown says :

    And, I wanna watch a whole season where the guys are fighting battles (not fighting each other) in their street clothes. Sure, that eliminates the point of them being ninjas. But it would just be so epic!

  7. Unknown says :

    And, I kinda thought of this. I don’t think Moro was really defying fate/destiny. Remember, Fenwick, whatever his name is, betrayed the ninja. So probably, he secretly wrote that Moro gets out of the cursed realm, also that Cole gets trapped in the temple at sunrise.

  8. Unknown says :

    Ok, watched Curse World part 2. *sigh* Just thinking that Sensei Garmadon is dead just really upsets me. I mean he’s been in the show for all 5 seasons and now he’s…gone. It’s just upsetting me. But I’m still not finished with Ninjago. There’s more episodes to be watched.

  9. Unknown says :

    😦 😦 😦

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