New Episode Reactions: Three for the Price of One, Grandpa!

I kind of apologize for the obscure Chuggaaconroy reference.

So! Season five is getting good this week! I watched these after a long day at Yellowstone, so my thoughts might not be cohesive or in the right order. Spoilers under the cut!

I’ve got three episode reactions today.


One Sentence Reaction: Where we’re going, no one knows.

Physics is different in the cloud kingdom.

Oh thank goodness they changed Zane’s voice back, that was getting annoying.

They’re gonna meet the Master Writer, eh? Is it the Hageman Brothers? I’m gonna laugh if it’s the Hageman Brothers.

Ok, so Ronan is planning on betraying the ninja. Can’t say I’m surprised. Still kinda hoping he’ll change his mind.

Oh, oh no. Fenwick, you traitorous jerk!

It’s ok Cole, even Danny Phantom forgets he can do that sometimes.

The ninja are helped by a small redheaded boy with a British accent whom I shall call Roonil Wazlib.

Snowboarding! Woohoo!

Oh my gosh, poor Lloyd! Come on buddy, you can do it!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but poor Misako. It can’t be easy knowing your son is possessed by the ghost of a madman.


One Sentence Reaction: Ronan does indeed turn out to be untrustworthy, but he doesn’t seem to be happy about it.

I’m glad we didn’t go into a pointless filler episode about trying to save the tea shop.

I’m surprised Sensei Wu doesn’t even know where his own father is buried.

Ronan- Have you tried not giving a crap?

Nya ain’t stupid, Ronan.

It’s a good thing Jay didn’t see that prediction, or he’d be ticked!

Wow guys, that was just embarrassing. Ronan just beat the crap out of you and he didn’t even do anything.

The sad thing is, Ronan really seems to care about them.

Aaaand times Lloyd gets put in a cage counter is coming back.

Awww, Ronan does care! I knew I liked him.


One Sentence Reaction: Oh my gosh this episode is awesome and making me think theory things!

Kai and Jay’s positivity conversation made me lol.

The first room reminds me of the Department of Mysteries from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Behold the power of not giving a crap!

It’s just like the ice slides from Ice Age.

Please let it be because Cole’s a ghost and not because something terrible happens to him, Please let it be because Cole’s a ghost and not because something terrible happens to him!

Jay ends up with Nya! And the shipping trash rejoiced! Aw, who am I kidding, I’m glad about it too.

And Future!Jay has an eyepatch… wait. Wait a minute. No. No… wait… that would explain… no, they  wouldn’t. But it makes more sense the more I think about it… Man, this is some Gravity Falls level theory fodder right here.

Moro, you’re a despicable piece of trash. If you hurt Lloyd I’ll come after you with the Fenton Thermos!

Yes, let Kai, who can’t swim, and Cole, who can’t touch water, chase Lloyd down the river. Don’t send Zane, who can hold his breath indefinitely.

Yay, we saved Lloyd! But now we have the cursed realm to worry about.

Ok, so now for my theory. Hear me out. I think Ronan might be Jay from the future. Why else would they give Future!Jay the eye patch? And it’d explain why Ronan hit it off with Nya right away, and was gonna go for distracting kiss, and called the Ninja his friends even though they still didn’t trust him or really even like him, outside of Nya. It’d also explain why I liked him almost right away, outside of the fact that he reminds me of Grunkle Stan. I’m pretty sure the last episode of season five will have aired by the time I put this up, so I guess you probably already know if I’m right or wrong. Don’t post in the comments until I’ve posted a reaction to the last episode, I’m busy with family this week and I have to wait a while before watching the last episodes.


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9 responses to “New Episode Reactions: Three for the Price of One, Grandpa!”

  1. Unknown says :

    If Ronan was Jay from the future, the wouldn’t it show ronan in Jay’s reflection? Or maybe it doesn’t show him when he’s old enough. Plus, Jay’s got same coloured hair. And the (later) eye patch.

  2. Unknown says :

    Yeah. When I just noticed now how you said “Behold the power of not giving a crap!” just made me lol.

  3. Unknown says :

    Also, in the crooked path, when Ronan is fighting Sensei and Misako, you hear Ronan make a noise like when someone is swing at something. You know, like “hyaa!” Jay’s mostly the one who does that. So, if both of them do it, that might support your theory.

  4. Unknown says :

    You see where I’m pointing 👉🏼 ? 💩 Thats the crap I don’t give.

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