New Episode Reactions: Season 5 first 5 episodes

So, I didn’t realize just how many episodes I’d missed while I was busy this last week. I watched all five new episodes in one sitting with my brother and sister, so I didn’t take specific notes, but here are a few sentences on each episode:

Winds of Change: Poor Lloyd! I just want a happy ending for this poor kid! Hasn’t he been through enough!? Also lol, he finally hit puberty.

Ghost Story: Hmmm, I like Moro’s backstory. It’s especially interesting because that’s very close to what Kai’s attitude was… I wonder if they’ll go over that parallel. Also, Nya’s a water-bender, sweet!

Stiix and Stones: Who the heck is Ronan? Well, he may be a self-serving greedy jerk, but he’s entertaining. I like him. Also, since when was Kai afraid of water? I’m gonna need to go back and check if that’s a continuity hick-up.

The Temple on Haunted Hill: Sooooo has Kai conquered his fear already? Yep, I’ve decided, I like Ronan. Oh. Oh crap. Oh crap! Cole! Oh crap!

Peek-A-Boo: Jay, quit messing with Zane’s voice, that’s mean. Man, poor Cole. I wonder if he’ll be a ghost forever, or if we’ll find some sort of magical fix. I dunno. Also, as my brother pointed out, they missed out on making an awesome reference to The LEGO Movie with Cloud Kingdom. It could’ve been Cloud Cuckoo Land!

So, my thoughts and predictions? I’m hoping Ghost!Garmadon shows up at some point and teaches Moro a lesson about messing with daddy’s little boy. I’m thinking Ronan will either end up becoming an important part of the team…OR betray them at the worst possible moment. It remains to be seen. I look forward to seeing Nya develop her powers.



4 responses to “New Episode Reactions: Season 5 first 5 episodes”

  1. Unknown says :

    Jeez just wanna watch episode 48 & 49. plus i wanna see cole become a ghost AND see how the get morro outta lloyd.

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