New Episode Reactions, Two For One!

So, I’ve been busy packing, so I didn’t get to see Day of the Dragon or the Greatest Fear until today. So you guys get a two for one reaction post.

Spoilers under the cut.

Day of the Dragon

One sentence reaction: Holey crap that is awesome!

Claus just got another reason to hate Garmadon, great.

Why are you in charge, Chen? Claus seems a bit more… mentally stable.

You’re going to sacrifice your own daughter!? Chen, you are a terrible, despicable piece of crap.

Skylor can contact Neuro, huh, that’s a good use of telepathy!

What’s the deal with Zane’s dragon dream anyway?

Skylor’s hoverboard thingy is cool, but why isn’t she using all those powers she absorbed?

Aaaand Garmadon throws himself out of yet another flying thing.

Kai and Skylor flirting is pretty cute. You guys are dorks and I love you for it.

Oh dang, those two minions actually managed to do something useful!

Time for the real showdown between Garmadon and Claus, and it is awesome!

Claus- Imma banish you to the shadow realm!

Garmadon- I’m taking you with me suckah!

Oh wait, Garmadon managed to get out! Yes! Nice, nice!

Oh, Zane… you are you, rebuilt or not!

Zane’s hug counter for this episode will be very high.

Oh… oh crap. I didn’t think the spell would affect Garmadon too. Oh crap. And Skylor too. Oh dear. Oh man. Oh crap.

Well, at least it doesn’t affect the mind.

Jay ranting in the background while the others discuss what to do is probably funnier to me than it is to most other people.

I’ll give Chen this, he’s very practical, I appreciate that.

Holey crap Zane! Where did you get that!?

Oh, Kai can do it too!

And now everybody’s got one! That’s pretty awesome!

Wait what… what’s this playing over the end credits… the heck was that? I guess that’s the April Fool’s Day bit?

The Greatest Fear

One sentence reaction: Chen may be completely nuts and really weird and a complete monster, but I think he’s the smartest villain we’ve seen so far.

Everyone’s having fun with their new dragons.

And then all the citizens freaked out.

There’s more to the spell on the next page…


Oh yeah, what did happen to Pythor after the end of the last season?

Misako- Where’s your father?

Lloyd- Uh, you may want to sit down first.

And now Garmadon’s gotta spill the beans about the letter thing. That’s gonna be awkward.

So Pythor is in prison… along with most of the other main baddies from previous seasons. I think I know where this is going. Let’s just say Cole’s not gonna be the only one to stage a jail break this season.

Seeing how pathetic Pythor’s become is just sad. I mean, he’s always been fairly pathetic, but this just takes it to all new levels.

Oh, all the new Anacondri soldier/thug guys get invisibility powers! I’d forgotten they can do that! Nice call-back.

You’re calling them cowards Pythor? Who’s the one who bailed the second Garmadon even looked menacingly at you back in season one?

Lloyd dang it, you had one job!

Yep, the inmates are out. This just got more complicated.

Why is the giant stone warrior still around? I thought it got dropped down a bottomless pit.

I see Cole is taking the Perry the Platypus approach to getting by the doors.

O Hai Hageman Brothers. This raises the question of what landed them in maximum security jail in the first place. The last time we saw them they were in a movie theater.

You look away for two seconds and they take Pythor. Way to go man.

Dang man, Chen is totally messed up, torturing Pythor like that. Not even that little worm deserves that.

Of course he’s gonna attack Ninjago City.

Oh… oh he’s not? Clever, very clever Chen, forcing them to split up.

Oh man, I hate it when they do that! He was about to tell her about the letter, and then the power goes out! Uhg!

Chen’s all ‘Honor, what’s that?’ He’s completely nuts.

Kai- Don’t mind me, just flying a dragon through the city!

You’re doing more damage than the Anacondri would Kai!

Oooooooh… dang. Chen is a clever little jerk! Leading them away from the populated areas like that!

Ok, yeah, I definitely see why Chen’s in charge now.

Final thoughts: How are they gonna turn things around in the last episode? I’m excited to find out!


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