New Episode Reaction: The Forgotten Element

My April fool’s joke was that I didn’t post anything yesterday! Yeah! It’s totally not because I was busy packing.

Spoilers under the cut.

Well, this one was all over the place.

One sentence reaction: This almost seems like the end. Where will they go from here?

Jay enters the elemental extraction ceremony whistling and thinking positive. This is why he’s my favorite.

Oh, poor Kai… although judging from the way Skylor smiled, I think she really does like him.

Lloyd’s not gonna show up just yet because this is a very obvious trap.

Uh… I don’t think Kai has any interest in joining you Chen.

Huh… they’re giving the minions actual personalities! I like that, we haven’t seen it since the serpentine, but it’s a little late in the season.

As an optimist, I appreciate all the emphasis on a positive attitude.

Kai is unimpressed with your stuff, Chen.

After all these years, after everything you’ve been through together, you’re still jealous of Lloyd!? Come on Kai, seriously?

Ah, that’s interesting! Because Kai and Nya’s parents have been dead since before the series began. We don’t know much about them except that their dad was a blacksmith and apparently friends with Sensei Wu.

Garmadon and Clause are facing off, awesome! Oh shoot, there goes his sword.

Oh… uh-oh… oh that’s… Kai’s here, that raises some questions. Kai, I’m a little worried about you right now… yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Kai’s working with Chen now. Crap!

Lloyd, you gotta fight smarter, not harder buddy.

Kai, you should look guilty, you jerk!

They’re calling your bluff Garmadon. They know you wouldn’t actually hurt her.

Wait, is Kai planning something? What is he doing!? And how is he keeping it a secret from Chen? He has mind-reading powers now!

Hahaha, Kai knows you’ve got the hots for him Skylor!

Looks like the prisoners are gonna have to break out a little early.

How did they build a laser cannon!?

I’ve grown to like Karloff quite a lot.

Oh yeah, that’s convincing, there’s no way Kai’s faking it!

Behold the power of positive thinking!

Ok Kai, whatever you’re gonna do, you’d better hurry.

I totally called that Element of Surprise joke.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Good job Kai, glad you got a hold of yourself.

Oh, poor Skylor.

Aw, it’s great to see the team back together again! You guys are silly.

Final thoughts: There are three episodes left of the season, but we destroyed the staff and everyone’s got their powers back. We’ve still got the loose ends of Chen escaping with Skylor and whatever the nut case was hinting at with Kai and Nya’s parents, but I honestly have no idea where they’re going from here.


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