New Episode Reaction: Spellbound

This week there’s a new episode airing every day. I’ll try and cover them all, but I’m moving at the end of the week, so the last couple of episode reactions might be a bit late.

Spoilers under the cut!

The week’s episode was Spellbound, and we learned a lot.

One sentence reaction: We get some more back-story from Garmadon and learn just what this tournament is about!

I finally got my audio recorder to work again, so I’ve got a blow-by-blow reaction again, rather than just trying to remember.

Chen’s got a blimp? Cool.

This is what, the third time Garmadon’s been thrown out of a flying machine?

Actually, parachutes can hold more than one person. If you ever go sky diving, emergency two-person landings are one of the first things they teach you.

Of course Lloyd makes it, he’s got skills!

Of course Kai ends up in/near a lava pit.

Today’s challenge is pretty much the Hunger Games.

Don’t follow Nya’s obvious footprints, follow her even more obvious carvings!

Meanwhile in the factory, Cole and Zane are hiding out and hatching a jail break.


Oh yes, we finally get Garmadon’s back-story with Chen!

Young Chen looks like Giovanni from Poke’mon.

Hu-boy, more of the awkward love triangle between Misako, Wu, and Garmadon.

Huh. That letter deal explains a lot actually…

Chen’s done playing. Time to harvest the contestants!

So Clause, how do you fit into that ‘Only one can remain’ thing? You ever think about that?

I’ll give Skylor this, she’s a good actor.

It’s nice to know that even back then, what brought out the good in Garmadon was his love for the people he cares about.

The master of water looks a lot like a water-bender from Avatar.

So just how did Chen turn the masters against each other? We still don’t know.

Oh yeah, the flutes! Nice call-back there.

And then Pythor ate them all.

I want a whole season of just Lloyd and Garmadon, I love watching these two together.

Karloff- ‘We’re gonna build a jet’

Cole- ‘But we’re under ground’

Dareth- ‘I’m gonna build a thing to make food’

Zane- ‘Good thinking Dareth, we’ll build a jet’

That was not Dareth’s idea, don’t even pretend that it was.

Cole’s got a good point. How are you going to use a jet in these tunnels?

No Nya, I know you’re worried about Jay, but you gotta leave him, otherwise you’ll get caught too!

Oh, Kai’s starting to figure you out now Skylor!

So… can Chen not swim? It’s a swamp, it’s not like it’s turbulent or anything.

And now Kai, Jay, and the rest of the fighters are bait for Lloyd. This should be interesting.

Skylor’s feeling a little guilty, is she?

Final thoughts: Great episode, it’s really got me pumped for the rest of the week!


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