New Episode Reaction: Ninja Roll

This week’s episode was heavy on the silly side, but still good. Spoilers under the cut.

One sentence reaction: Roller-derby, what? This is easily the weirdest episode so far.

I knew it! I knew Skylor was a power-absorber!

Lloyd’s the only one who hasn’t competed so far, so of course this is gonna be his round.

And now everyone hates Jay… and the rest of the remaining team.

Cole’s working in a noodle factory and it’s not gonna be fun. Wow, Karloff had really mellowed out.

Oh! We’re getting little tiny hints at Garmadon’s past here! This is just making me more curious!

Uhg… Dareth’s back. So wait, Nya’s gonna sneak onto the island all by herself? (Dareth doesn’t count) She’s not gonna bring Sensei Wu or Misako? Wouldn’t it be nice to have their help?

Yes! Cole found Zane! Those two are gonna break out and it’s gonna be awesome!


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