New Episode Reations: Vesus

The combined effect of a new episode of Ninjago and Gravity Falls on the same night has twisted my feelings into a pretzel and my insides feel all fluttery.

Gravity Falls fandom: Oh my gosh we were right! We were right! Holey cow what does this mean? Everything is different now! EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW!!

Ninjago fandom: What? Oh no! What? No don’t… No! No… Oh no…

People in both:… Holey crap… I think my feels are broken.

Spoilers under the cut!

So I THOUGHT I had recorded my reactions, but apparent the audio recorder on my phone didn’t save the file properly, so I’m gonna have to go by memory.

One sentence reaction: They finally resolved the stupid love triangle, and it was in the most heartbreaking way possible.

We finally get to see what’s happening with Zane! YES!

His memory is messed up? What? No! That’s heartbreaking! Zane’s memories, especially those of his father, are the most precious thing to him… that’s kinda messed up.

We unfortunately still don’t know how Zane ended up in this mess, but we at least know PIXAL’s gonna help him out of it.

I love Sensei Wu’s reaction to Nya’s rambling. ‘I’m not even gonna touch that. Been there. Done that. Worked out poorly for all involved.’

These first round fights are fun to watch, even if they don’t really have anything to do with the main plot. Also, I could be wrong about that.

Chen is so freakin’ weird. What is with this guy?

Aaaand Cole and Jay have to fight each other… Yeah, I thought this’d happen eventually.

Huh, that mind-reader guy actually turned out to be important.

Uuuuuuhg… I’m so tired of these two arguing…

Zane’s been upgraded, huh? Interesting.

Oh my gosh… PIXAL! No! Oh my gosh, poor PIXAL! More heartbreaking stuff.

This fight… It’s like they’re addressing every. thing. I’ve complained about. with the Stupid. Love Triangle.

Of course it’s not going to be as easy as making up and being friends again.

Jay’s taking the fall? Well… that was decided with surprisingly little argument… wait what? Cole, what are you… COLE NO! Oh my gosh, no! Even more heartbreaking stuff!

Looks like Nya and the others are gonna show up soon.

Final Thoughts: Things are really getting under way now. I have a couple of predictions for what could happen next.

Cole’s gonna start looking for Zane in the mines, or where ever the losers end up, and possibly find him.

Jay’s going to be really frustrated with himself and feel kinda guilty over what happened.

This episode was the best of season 4 so far! I really look forward to the next one.


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