New Episode Reactions: Only One Can Remain

I’m glad to see they’re releasing episodes in a timely manner this season! Spoilers under the cut.

One sentence reaction: If you were hoping for answers, you’re not gonna find any in this episode.

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. We do find out Garmadon’s connection with this place. He trained under Master Chen when he was young, learning the dark arts. Ok, most of us already guessed this. Garmadon’s still pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing though. I guess I can’t blame him, if I had a dark and troubled past like that, I wouldn’t wanna talk about it either.

Chen was a traitor during the Serpentine wars, huh. I hope this means we get some more background on the wars, we currently have two conflicting stories on what happened.

I’m glad that the guys are getting along better already, I hate to see their characters regressed to in-fighting.

Do not care for the new uniforms.

This Skylor girl is interesting, I’m always glad to see a new female character on this show, I just hope I end up liking her as well as Nya and PIXAL, and not really uncomfortable with her like Misako.

Chen is really really really weird. And most likely insane.

Everyone makes it past the first round, of course. Smart thinking Kai.

Oh, no, apparently that was a bad move Kai. My mistake.

Jay- Trust no one! Come on guys, have you NOT seen Gravity Falls?

Skylor has fire powers, eh? So is she Kai’s cousin… or was the glowing when they touched last episode so kinda power-copying ability. Maybe she’s like Rouge from the Xmen.

Aaand of course the tournament is a scam to get the powers from the contestants, I was expecting something like that.

Final thoughts: I really hope the writers don’t postpone finding Zane until the end of the season, I’m really worried about the guy and I think it is literally making me sick. My stomach’s been queasy since I watched the last episode.

And judging by the new opening, Nya and Sensei Wu are going to show up eventually? I hope so.


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3 responses to “New Episode Reactions: Only One Can Remain”

  1. Maddison says :

    oh come on, their shirtless ninja! who doesn’t love that? 🙂

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