LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 24 Review



We open with Lord Garmadon at the doomsday clock.

Overlord: The clock is only hours away… from finishing its countdown… to the final battle between good and evil Garmadon…. Why so sad?

Lord Garmadon: M-me? Hah, nonsense. I couldn’t be happier! It’s just…

Overlord: Lloyd

Garmadon: I still have to battle my son? In order to transform Ninjago into my image?

Overlord: Battle… and defeat! If evil is to prevail…

Me: Poor guy.

And now for something completely different. Back at good-guy camp, our four leads are ‘practicing’ with their elemental powers by launching coconuts into the air and blasting them with their attacks. And practicing their one-liners. (See, this kinda stuff is why I love this show)

“That is one buff minifig” is not a phrase I was expecting to use today. But dang, Cole, that is one buff minifig!

“That is one buff minifig” is not a phrase I was expecting to use today. But dang, Cole, that is one buff minifig!

Sensei Wu comes by to tell them to keep it down so they’re not spotted, and don’t get cocky.

Just on the other side of the trees, Lloyd is watching Dr. Julien fix the falcon. With the last piece put in place, the robotic bird takes off into the air. Cole mistakes it for another target coconut and almost blasts it out of the air with a rock, but luckily Zane intercepts the projectile with his own blast of ice.

Lloyd has the opposite problem of the other guys. He’s afraid he’s going to be the weak link in the team, that he won’t have the guts to defeat his father. Sensei tells him not to worry about what-ifs and just take life as it comes. I like this, as it’s kinda like my own life-motto. I don’t worry about things I can’t control.

Misako comes forward with one last hope of preventing the final battle.

Misako: The scrolls say that when the helmet of darkness is bequeathed to its rightful ruler, the celestial clock will count down to the activation of an unspeakable weapon, the first sign that the final battle between good and evil has begun.

Kai: Did you just say unspeakable weapon?

Jay: Uh… I’m still stuck on what ‘bequeathed’ means.

Cole: Go on Misako, don’t let us interrupt you. How do we stop the final battle?

Misako: There is nothing here that explains what would happen if the helmet of darkness is returned.

Sensei: Interesting. Remove the helmet, the clock starts. Put it back, the clock stops.

Lloyd: And the final battle never starts!

And how exactly are they going to get said helmet? They can’t exactly walk up to Lord Garmadon and ask for it, can they? Misako assures them she has a plan, but she’ll need their help. Except for Lloyd. He still needs to stay back.

Checking in with the bad-guy camp, Lord Garmadon has ordered the stone warriors to build some more vehicles to defend the camp. The Overlord says these things are a waste of time and resources, everything should be going into the ultimate weapon.

Lord Garmadon: What good is an ultimate weapon if I’m not around to use it!? Do not question my motives.

Me: He’s got a point there.

Overlord: It is not your motives I question… but your resolve…. I fear you’re hesitating as the hours count down to facing your son…. –Garmadon remains silent- So… it is true…

Lord Garmadon: Never doubt my evil again! Not if you wish to remain my ally when I rule!

Me: Buddy, you’re a little confused with who’s in charge of who here, aren’t you?

Lord Garmadon: –Shouting at the warriors– Get back to building the ultimate weapon, and do not stop until it is complete!

Overlord: Yes… now there is the Garmadon I am counting on…

We cut to the main gate, where Misako’s plan has gone into action. The guys are disguised as stone warriors and are pretending to deliver her as a prisoner. Unfortunately, the stone warriors all speak gibberish, and when one tries to communicate with them, they have no idea what it’s trying to say. So the guys just spout complete gibberish back at it. Jay, amusingly, just says ‘bequeath’ over and over again. (Haha, you dork, this is why you’re my favorite) This doesn’t seem to be working, so Misako steps in.

Misako: That’s right, you caught me, but I’ll never tell you where our base is. And you won’t hear another peep out of me unless you take me to Garmadon!

The stone soldier complies, and drags her off to the dark lord’s tent. When Lord Garmadon sees who the prisoner is, he’s more than a little flustered.

Garmadon: Misako!?

Misako: Garmadon. It’s been a while.

Garmadon: I… uh I… –Clears his throat– Release her! –The stone warrior cuts her bonds-

Misako: Take off that silly helmet and let me get a good look at you.

Garmadon: If you don’t mind, I’d rather not…


Wanna give character X a hug: Zane=7; Lloyd= 9; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon= 3; Kai = 1

It’s crazy. For the past few episodes we’ve seen him ranting and raving about the final battle and turning Ninjago into his own image. But here, we don’t just see Lord Garmadon sad, we see him uncomfortable and nervous! It’s very clear he doesn’t want Misako to see him this way. He’s fidgeting, and can’t look her in the eye. With that last line, Mark Oliver’s delivery changes completely. We haven’t seen something like this since episode 8 back in season one! It’s a great, if short, scene, with great atmosphere.

Checking in with the guys, they’re still in disguise, hanging out behind some tent and practicing their one-liners again.

Zane: How about this, ‘It’s ice to see you!’

Jay: Uh, I dunno. I feel like you could do better.

Cole: I swear I’ve heard that before.

Me: Haha, I freakin’ love you guys! That was great!

We unfortunately don’t get any more gems like that, because a stone warrior comes by and yells at them. They may not be able to understand its words, but it’s pretty clear the thing wants them to get back to work.

Back with Garmadon and Misako, the dark lord wants to know what she’s up to.

Lord Garmadon: I know you too well Misako. Why did you allow yourself to get caught?

Misako: Because I know you don’t want to fight as much as Lloyd doesn’t want to fight.

Garmadon: Lloyd doesn’t want to fight? I mean… so Lloyd doesn’t want to fight. Muahaha!

Misako: If you’re still the man I once loved, I know you’d never want to see him harmed.

Lord Garmadon: But it is foretold! It is our destiny! I don’t care about him! I only care about turning Ninjago into my own image!

Misako: Then you’re not the man I married. I should go.

Garmadon: No! Don’t! –Takes off helmet– Misako, I may look different, and evil may now course through my veins, but I am still the same man standing before you… I want you to rule by my side!

This scene is kinda sad because it shows how much the evil personality has overtaken the original personality. Even Garmadon’s love for his family is being buried and twisted by this point.

We check back in with the guys again. Jay complains that they always seem to get stuck with chores. They’re bringing containers of dark matter to the ultimate weapon, so they’ll at least get a glimpse of the thing. Kai spots a giant cannon, and Zane wonders what it’s for. Jay postulates it’s probably to kill them. Things go awry when a stone soldier picks a fight with Cole. The black ninja is not about to let it go, so he knocks the warrior off the ramp, catching the attention of all the enemies. Welp, cover blown, time to fight! The ninja take care of the workers easily, dropping one-liners left and right. Some better than others.

Misako, meanwhile, has grabbed the helmet of darkness while Lord Garmadon starts a rant about how no one understands evil these day. She rushes out of the tent and finds the guys just as the dark lord realizes that he’s been had.

Zane: You got the helmet!

Misako: And you got spotted!

Jay: Cole gave us away!

Cole: Alright, I’ve had a rough day. Can we stop laying blame and focus on what’s in front of us?

Escaping is going to be hard, ‘cuz Lord Garmadon’s got his own giant mech now. This presents a much bigger challenge than the stone warriors at the work site. It can counter all of their powers. Luckily, Nya arrives with the drill to pick them up, but not before ramming right into the dark lord’s mech and knocking it over. (Nya, you so awesome!) Apparently the falcon saw that they needed help and brought her.

The drill burrows away, and Lord Garmadon orders the stone army to follow. The Overlord gets really mad, because if one of ninja put on the helmet, they’ll control the army.

Wouldn’t you know it, back in the drill, Jay is doing just that.

Jay: Hey, cool hat! I wonder if it’ll make me look more menacing!

Nya: Is that really wise? If that helmet turns you evil, we’re kicking you out.

Jay: Uh, is that possible? Eh-heh… it’s probably got Garmadon cooties anyway.

Me: Ew cooties.

So no, we do not get to see Jay command the stone army, as awesome as that would have been. Instead, the stone army’s vehicles catch up to the drill, forcing them to surface. Once on the surface they lose the vehicles, but run into Lord Garmadon’s giant mech again. Nya tries to lose him in the bamboo forest, but he keeps pace, and scoops the drill up, throwing it across a clearing. The damage jams the door shut. Our heroes are trapped. The mech picks the drill up again for another throw.

Lloyd: Let them go!

An energy blast topples the mech, dropping the drill. The two machines fall on opposite ends of the clearing. Apparently the second jolt was enough to unjam the drill’s door. Lloyd runs into the clearing to check on his friends when he sees his father climb out of the wreckage. Lord Garmadon is clearly injured; he’s panting and coughing. The two approach each other. The guys tell Lloyd to take the shot.

Lloyd: I’m sorry father. You leave me no choice. It is our destiny.

The kid charges up an energy ball, but dangit, he can’t go through with it.

I can’t really blame him, could you take out someone giving you this pitiful look?

I can’t really blame him, could you take out someone giving you this pitiful look?

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane=6; Lloyd= 10; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon= 4; Kai = 1

The chance is gone, the stone army has caught up. Lloyd hops in the drill with the others and they make a break for the doomsday clock. They make it with only a couple of minutes left.

Nya: Wow. This clock is a mechanical masterpiece!

Misako: You’re welcome to dismantle it once we stop it.

Unfortunately, they can’t figure out where to put the helmet back. And the places they try are all really stupid and make no sense. To add to that, the stone army has arrived… again. They fight over the helmet, but in the scramble Misako finds the proper resting place. With only ten seconds left to get the helmet there. She replaces the helmet at the last second… and the clock stops. Did they do it?

Nope! She was just a second too slow! The clock starts spinning again and Inception-horns start blaring. (No seriously, it sounds just like the tuba part in the Inception soundtrack. You know the one, the big deep blaring Baaaaaum) Lasers shoot out of the various parts of the doomsday clock and are concentrated into one beam, shooting out across the island. What’s more, the stone army has our heroes backed up against a cliff-ledge. The guys pull out their weapons to fight their way through, but the ledge crumbles beneath them. They fall into the sea… and leave Nya back on the cliff, alone and surrounded by the enemy. Kai and Jay both call out to her.

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane=6; Lloyd= 10; Jay= 3; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 4; Kai = 2

Oh crap.

Our heroes survive the fall into the ocean, but things still look pretty bleak.

Lloyd: This is all my fault… I should have taken the shot!

Cole: We’re all at fault kid. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Jay: Ach, are you still making jokes? They have Nya and you’re making jokes! –Tackles Cole

Cole: It was just a poor choice of words!

Sensei: Enough! –Slams his staff down- We have lost enough, we do not need to lose our focus!

Kai: Forget focus! We have to get my sister!

Me: Aaaaand we’re back to square one with Kai’s character. –Jay tackles me– Oh crap, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made the joke, I shouldn’t have made the joke!

Misako points out that they won’t be able to get back up the cliff before the baddies take Nya away. Our heroes need to pull together, to re-group and prepare for the final battle. Because it is on now. It is on.

We end the episode with Lord Garmadon, who finds the laser from the clock is shooting straight at the ultimate weapon, powering it up.

Overlord: I give you… Garmatron!


This episode is all over the place with awesome fights, sad feels, and funny lines. The first half of the episode, where it keeps on switching between really sad feely scenes with Misako and Garmadon to funny scenes with guys, it’s a little jarring, but towards the end it gets better. Emotions are running really high at the very end. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jay that mad before. Kai getting upset over Nya is nothing new, but Jay’s the laid-back one. This is concerning.

Character Corner: Garmadon and Misako

What can I say about these two? We don’t really know much. Obviously, they were in love, got married, and had a kid before Garmadon turned evil. And now, it’s plain to see he still has feelings for her. The question is, does she still have feelings for him? Misako’s been holding hands and hugging tight with Wu for the past few episodes. I’m just saying, it’s kinda messed up.

Head-canon Corner:

So it looks like Misako was too late putting the helmet back, but remember back to when Lord Garmadon took the helmet in the first place. The Overlord said once it was removed, there was no turning back. Maybe she did put it back in time, but it did nothing. I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

Over-all Episode Quality: Great

It was hard to judge this one. The beginning half is at the above average level, but it gets better as the episode goes on. So I decided to round up. Great emotions and atmosphere on top of awesome fight scenes and funny lines.


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