LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 22 Review



The episode opens with Zane and Sensei Wu observing the Dark Island from the shore of Ninjago. It wasn’t there before, and now –poof– there it is. Stranger still, the stone army that sacked the city last episode has vanished. Zane wonders if Lord Garmadon has anything to do with it, and Sensei is like ‘Yeah, probably.’ So, they send the falcon off to check out the island.

Jay and Nya, meanwhile, are trying to repair the airship after the beating the engines took last episode.

Nya: Sorry, guys, she’s not getting airborne anytime soon.

Cole: So if the stone army attacks again, we’re sitting ducks.

Jay: Uh, ducks can fly Cole, weren’t you listening?

So it looks like our heroes are in a bit of a predicament. They have no means of transport, and they could be attacked by an indestructible army at any time. Even Lloyd’s powers could only slow them down. Luckily, Misako’s found something in her research that could help.

Misako: The prophecy reveals that the power to defeat the stone army lies within the green ninja.

Lloyd: I tried. I gave them everything I had.

Misako: Yes, but you are stronger than you think. Look.

She goes on to explain that the green ninja will find the power when his protectors find their pure elemental powers. Cole asks if that means them, and Jay’s all ‘Yeah, duh!’ Zane points out this is gonna be hard, because they can’t access their elemental powers anymore, since the golden weapons were destroyed. Misako gives them the standard ‘the power is inside you’ shtick, and says they can regain the elemental powers at the temple of light, which is on the Dark Island. This temple of light is where the golden weapons were originally forged.

The only remaining problem is how they’re going to get there. The airship is grounded. However, it was a boat first, so they can sail to the Dark Island!

Later that day they’re ready to embark, and everyone has come to see them off. Jay’s parents are being their usual embarrassing selves, Edna nagging him to eat his veggies and such. Cole’s dad has written a short good-bye song. Kai is leaving Dareth to look after the dragon and stuff.

Dareth: Did you hear that? I’m officially the brown ninja! Oooh, what’s my elemental power?

Nya: Uh… hot air?

Me: Nya, I freakin’ love you, always stay awesome.

Zane watches everyone saying goodbye from the deck of the ship and sighs.

Sensei: Is there anyone you would like to say goodbye to?

Zane: My only family is my falcon, and my memory of my father was nearly erased. I will miss Ninjago, for it’s all I know, but I am excited to see what the future has in store.

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane= 5; Lloyd= 8; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 2; Kai = 1

Sensei is all ‘Well, at least you’ve got fangirls.’ And indeed there is a small group of fangirls gathered at the dock.

And Mother Doomsday from episode 18. Make of that what you will.

And Mother Doomsday from episode 18. Make of that what you will.

So our heroes set sail. The guys discuss what could possibly be on the Dark Island. Lloyd wonders if they’ll meet their end there. (Wow bud, way to be a downer)

Kai: If it is, there isn’t anyone else I’d want by my side.

Jay: Hear-hear!

Cole: You said it!

Suddenly, Zane goes rigid. The falcon has reached the Dark Island. He connects himself to the ship’s computer so everyone can see what it’s found. As it’s flying over, it spots a stone warrior, and the stone warrior sees the falcon. The warrior throws a blade and—static.

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane=6; Lloyd= 8; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 2; Kai = 1

Nya: Oh Zane… I’m so sorry…

Kai: Well, he was our friend too, so we’re not gonna let him go in vain. If the stone army wants a fight, they’ve got one!

Mourning and vengeance will have to wait, though. A storm has whipped up.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, the stone army has dug out a mine, where they are collecting concentrated evil. The Overlord says it’s for a super-weapon that will be released on the day of the final battle. The stuff can turn a person evil with one drop. Lord Garmadon is very pleased.

Back with our heroes, they’re having a hard time pulling in the sail because the wind has picked up. They hear a weird laughing noise that turns out to be star-teeth. They’re basically sea-stars with teeth, and they eat ships. Wood, rigging, sails, metal, everything. The guys use spinjitzu to throw them overboard, but the things are also chewing through the hull.

Come morning, the ship is still afloat, but just barely. The ship is drifting aimlessly and there’s a huge hole in the hull, so the guys have to constantly bail water. Zane suddenly drops his bail bucket. He senses something… right before the ship runs aground on a small island with a tall tower.


Lloyd: Who would build a lighthouse way out here?

Zane: It’s not a lighthouse… it’s a prison.

The party climbs the stairs to the front door, where a security camera focuses on them. They hear the sound of locks being undone quickly, and an old man suddenly bursts out of the door.

Old man: Zane! Is it really you? You found me! –Hugs Zane

Zane: –Look of complete and utter shock

Lloyd: Uh… do you know him?

Old man: Of course I know him, I built him for heaven’s sake!

Me: Oh my gosh it’s Dr. Julien!

Zane: But… my memory tells me that you have passed!

Dr. Julien: Ah, you found your memory switch.

Deep growl emanates from the ocean

Dr. Julien: –Worriedly– Hurry! It can’t know that you’re here, or else there will be dues to pay!

So everyone hurries inside. Dr. Julien locks and barricades the door, then resets his surveillance camera. Inside the tower, we see he’s actually got a fairly nice, if somewhat cramped, apartment set up. He even has a table that retracts into the floor. Everyone sits down, and a little robot serves everyone tea. Jay gets curious and can’t help but play with the thing’s AI by moving his cup around. This gets him a lap-full of hot tea.

Once everyone finishes laughing, Zane asks how this is possible. After all, he saw his father die. Dr. Julien explains that, yeah, he was pretty sure he was dying. However, Samuki revived him with a special elixir, with the purpose of making the inventor create weapons for the skeletons. When he refused, the general locked him in this tower with his tools, and chained a sea-monster to the island to keep him from pulling a Tony Stark and just building a boat or a plane to escape. That’s the deep growling they heard before coming inside.

Dr. Julien: When Samuki didn’t return, I thought I’d never see you again. But as so much time had passed, I started to question… if you would ever want to see me again. I was afraid… if you found out what horrible things I’d created, you would think I was a… a monster.

Zane: –Places a hand on his father’s shoulder– We will get you out of here father.

Me: Aaaaaw!

Jay asks if Dr. Julien can repair the airship’s rockets. The doctor’s all ‘That thing’s got rockets!?’ Nya explains that they’re pretty beat-up, but he’s just ‘No prob, I can fix it by tomorrow morning!’

Suddenly, the sea-monster growls again, louder this time. Dr. Julien tells everyone to hide. A great big tentacle with eyes at the end rises up out of the water and all the way up to the top floor of the tower, looking in the windows.

Insert NSA joke here.

Insert NSA joke here.

He tries to act natural, but the thing notices he’s got a bunch of teacups set up. Kinda suspicious for an old man by himself on an island. He flips them over and pretends to be playing them like drums. This seems to pacify the beast, and the tentacle returns to the sea.

The thing is gone for now, so everyone works on repairing the airship. At one point Cole starts whistling along to the background music and Lloyd just gives him an odd look.

Cole: What? It’s catchy!

Me: Cole, I freakin’ love you, always stay awesome!

Later that night, Zane is cleaning up dinner and talking with his father.

Dr. Julien: I have never had such a meal in all my life! Where did you learn to cook? I never programed that into you!

Me: I assume he means cook so well, because we see him teaching Zane to cook in episode 7.

Zane: I guess I just… picked it up. –Beat- Father, if I wanted you to make a change in me… would you?

Dr. Julien: A change?

Zane: An alteration.

Dr. Julien: But Zane, you’re perfect! I could never make you any better than you already are.

Zane: But I see no reason for me to have a memory switch. I happen to like my life… and don’t want to ever forget you again.

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane=7; Lloyd= 8; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 2; Kai = 1

Dr. Julien: Don’t worry, my son. We will both never forget. –They exchange a smile– I’m glad you found me.

Zane: I’m glad you made me. –They hug

Me: –Crying tears of happiness

I love this scene! The music, the atmosphere, the characters, the feeeeeeeels!

Unfortunately, the happy times can’t last. The sea-monster is back. Everyone rushes aboard the newly repaired airship, but as they take off, the creature grabs the vessel with its tentacles. Lloyd encases the ship in a ball of energy, which makes the thing let go…for a moment. Zane looks over the side and sees the monster’s chain. He makes to jump over the side when Dr. Julien asks what the heck he’s doing. The ocean is filled with star-teeth, after all. Zane is just ‘I know’, and he jumps in. (Don’t worry, he can stay under more-or-less indefinitely)

Under the sea, Zane finds the full body of the sea-monster. It’s basically a giant purple octopus, only the eyes are on its tentacles instead of its body. Our hero grabs a bunch of star-teeth and places them on the chain. They start chewing away. (One could ask why they haven’t chewed through the chain already, but maybe they have to be led to metal. I dunno)

Back on the surface, the monster has almost pulled the airship back down to sea-level, when the chain snaps. The creature lets go in shock. Zane manages to climb onto the ship just before it takes off again. Sensei asks him how he knew it would let them go.

Zane: Because no one deserves to be held captive. Not even a monster.

And so, we have a happy ending. Zane’s been reunited with his father, and the team is that much closer to reaching the Dark Island.

This episode is my favorite in season two, although it may or may not be the best… that’s sort of a toss up with another up-coming episode. We get some new important plot points, like the ninja setting sail for the Dark Island, Dr. Julien joining the party, and the Overlord’s mysterious weapon. The atmosphere is also great. The awesome theme music that usually accompanies the falcon is used for Dr. Julien, which is always a great piece, and the music they play in the touching bits and the exciting bits all compliment their scenes perfectly. There is a bit of a plot-hole at the end with the star-teeth and the chain, but it’s not enough to ruin a really great episode.

Character Corner: Zane and Dr. Julien (VA Mark Oliver)

These two pretty much make the episode. Poor Zane is once again put through an emotional roller-coaster. First he feels left out when he’s the only one without anyone to say goodbye to at the dock. (Although, you could argue that is better than having to say goodbye to Dareth) Then the falcon gets shot down. Then he finds out his father is alive. Sheesh, that is all over the emotional board! As for Dr. Julien, from what we can tell, it looks like he’d resigned himself to living out the rest of his life alone on that island. That’s a pretty lonely existence, I can only imagine what it must have been like to see a ship run aground on the shore, and then find out your son is on board! The reunion is very sweet, even if it isn’t in the best circumstances.

Head-canon Corner:

It’s awfully convenient that Samuki found the old inventor on his death bed and just happened to have a revive on him. And found him inside a secret tree, no less. I think Samuki was secretly following Dr. Julien, poisoning him. Then, once he appeared to have died, the skeleton came in and gave him the antidote to coerce him into building weapons.

Over-all Episode Quality: Great

Great character bits and atmosphere, plus an important new character and a new mission for our heroes.


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    I know the Tony Stark thing. Created himself a suit of armor while in a prison.

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