LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 21 Review


We open with the Serpentine crowning Skales in the city of Oroboros. He’s uniting them to rise up against the humans, kind of like Pythor did back in season one, only Skales wants them to rely on their own power, rather than leave the deed to some unknown, uncontrollable force. His plan is to burrow under Ninjago City and burry it.

Next, we check in with the ninja. Guess what they’re doing? Go on, guess. If you guessed training Lloyd, then you’re right! Well, at least it wasn’t the very opening scene this time. Dareth comes in to ask them to keep the damage to a minimum today, he has a class later. (Uhg… he’s back. We always go for an episode or so without seeing him, I forget about him, and then bam! He comes back) Of course, the training proceeds to be as destructive as possible.

The camera pans up to the airship, which is parked on the roof. (Why aren’t they training in here? I don’t like Dareth, but it’s still kinda mean to destroy his dojo if they don’t have to) Sensei Wu pulls out an old picture from under his hat and looks at it sadly.

Well… isn’t THAT interesting?

Well… isn’t THAT interesting?

Misako comes in and startles him.

Misako: I’d forgotten how pale Garmadon was before his change to evil was complete.

Sensei: –Gasps and hides the picture back under his hat– Misako! Once again, you slip past my defenses.

Misako: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. I brought my research on the prophesy of the green ninja. I thought maybe we could go over it together.

Sensei: Oh my… there’s so much, it’ll take days.

Misako: … I should have chosen you.

Sensei: –Sigh– The past is the past.

Misako: Yes… but there is always the future.

Me: …. 



Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s uncomfortable with this! If I married a guy, and then he turned evil, I would not start flirting with his brother! It also bothers me that just last episode, she said she hadn’t given up hope  on finding a way to prevent the final battle and finding a way to save Lloyd and his father. I have a hard time believing she hasn’t given up hope if she’s holding hands with Sensei. Uhg.

We’re saved from the awkwardness by an earthquake. Scientists are unable to connect it to any fault or volcanic activity though. And it’s getting stronger. Kai’s ready to put the blame on Lord Garmadon, but Misako insists, as evil as he is, the dark lord would never do anything that could potentially put Lloyd in danger. (Cough-Grundal-Cough) Zane sends his falcon out to look for the source.

The camera pans down below the ground to reveal the Serpentine burrowing. Somehow I don’t think the falcon’s gonna find them. The drilling snakes are the cause of the earthquakes. There’s a lot of toxic great-devourer-slime that’s seeped into the ground, and it’s making the digging a bit grosser, but it’s not enough to stop the snakes. No. What stops the snakes is a great big block of impenetrable rock.

Skales: Impossible! There isss no sssuch thing!

-Dust clears to reveal a huge grey wall-

Consticti: It’s ancient, perhaps even older than the Ssserpentine themselves.

The wall is covered in strange hieroglyphics and dripping with devourer-slime.

Now it’s time to check back with Lord Garmadon. He’s climbing a cliff on the Dark Island, as per the Overlord’s instructions. The dark lord asks the voice why exactly this is necessary, and the Overlord is all ‘Get up there, and I can get you an army and an all-powerful weapon.’

Lord Garmadon: What good will these things do for me, marooned on this uninhabited island? How will I return to Ninjago?

Overlord: My… master plan has been in the works since the beginning… of time… every piece in perfect harmony… like the gears of a clock… slowly shifting the balance of power back to darkness… every piece… but you…

Lord Garmadon: –With new determination– Alright then! –Jumps up the cliff

Meanwhile, back in the city, the quakes have gotten bad enough that they are causing enormous normal faults on the surface. Misako says this corresponds to a warning in the scrolls. Something far worse is coming.

Cut to the Serpentine, who are trying to figure out what to do with the giant stone block. Skales finds a button that opens up the block, revealing a spooky tomb. Within the tomb are several stone warriors, kinda like the one from last episode, but regular-sized, and with only two arms. The devourer slime from outside seeps into the room awakening the army. The snakes fight back, but their weapons break on the stone soldiers, and their venoms and hypnosis have no effect. The invincible army marches through the snakes with little trouble, and leaves them locked in the tomb. Just like we found them at the start of season one.

The stone warriors begin to break out of the ground. The falcon spots one, and sends the message back to Zane.

Zane: Sensei, it’s as we feared. Another stone samurai warrior is loose on the streets!

-One breaks through the ground underneath them, followed by several more up and down the street-

Me: And by ‘another’, you mean ‘another several hundred’.

The invincible army wreaks havoc throughout the city, destroying shops, tipping over busses, and attacking the populace. The only choice is to evacuate all the people. Unfortunately, Nya can’t find a safe place to land the airship to pick up the people with. A reporter suggests the helipad on the roof of the broadcast building.

Back on the Dark Island, Lord Garmadon has reached the top of the cliff to find an enormous machine. The Overlord explains that it is a clock to count down the time to the final showdown.

Overlord: Once one takes the helmet of shadows… the clock will start… but be warned… though he who wears the helmet of shadows can travel between the islands at will… once it is removed… the countdown cannot be stopped

Lord Garmadon: Any more warnings?

Overlord: No…

So the dark lord takes the helmet and starts the countdown. Lord Garmadon now has control of the stone army.

Meanwhile, back with the ninja, they’ve reached the broadcast building and now have to take the stairs all the way up. Twenty. Floors.

Well, I would be a goner.

Well, I would be a goner.

Dareth tries to take the elevator, and Zane warns him ‘You’re not supposed to take the elevator in an emergency’, but does Dareth listen? Of course not, he’s a moron. The guy ends up letting a stone samurai into the building, making things that much harder for our heroes. Way to go Dareth. This is why I can’t stand him.

The stone army starts charging up the stairs, which freaks the moron out enough that he rushes past everyone, pushing and shoving. In particular, he pushes Misako, knocking her poster-tube full of research over the railing. Uhrg, I really can’t stand Dareth!

The five ninja hold back the invincible soldiers so that the civilians can escape. They may not be able to destroy the invincible statues, but they can knock them over the side of the stairs, sending them back to the first floor.

Only now that they’ve reached the roof and the airship does Misako notice that her research is missing. (That happened about two minutes ago, lady) She rushes back to look for it.

Lloyd: Mom! No! It’s too dangerous to go back!

Misako: It’s too important to leave behind. –Kisses his forehead and runs off

Me: Uhg… I can’t decide if I love this character or hate her.

Misako spots the poster canister hanging from a light fixture about half-way down the stairs. Unfortunately, she’ll have to go through about a dozen stone warriors to reach it.

What’s more, the warriors have also reached the airship while waiting for Misako. They start attacking the engines, so Nya says they need to leave ASAP. Sensei jumps off the boat and gives the signal to take off. He’ll stay behind and help Misako.

She, meanwhile, has reached the research, but she’s having a hard time holding onto it and fighting off the stone army. One nearly knocks her off the stairs, but she grabs the bottom of the railing.

Misako: Can’t… hold… on…Much… longer!

Me: Cliff Hanger! Hanging from a cliff! And that’s why he’s called Cliff Hanger!

Anybody here remember Between the Lions? Anyone?

Anybody here remember Between the Lions? Anyone?

So, of course, Sensei saves her at the last second, but they still have to deal with the army of indestructible stone samurai. They run into a room with an open window, but there’s no ledge outside, and nowhere to hide.

Sensei: Do you still remember Spinjitzu?

Misako: Do you still remember you never beat me?

So the two of them try and hold off the hoard, but it only buys them a few minutes. It looks like this is the end for them.

Meanwhile, on the airship, Zane tells Nya to bring the ship down, now. She complies, and they manage to catch Sensei and Misako just as they jump out the window. Yay, they’re not dead! So the city is left in ruins, but at least they got the people out ok.

This episode is very padded out, with a lot of time spent just watching the stone army tear apart the city. I guess that’s a good way to show how much of a threat they are, but I feel like we didn’t need to devote quite that much time to them. The main focus of this episode is the ‘romance’ between Sensei Wu and Misako, and as I said before, it just makes me uncomfortable. Plus I don’t typically like romance stories in the first place. At least we’ve resolved the Serpentine sub-plot… if rather suddenly and with little fanfare or build up.

Character Corner: Sensei Wu and Misako

Urg… I’m sorry, I just find it creepy. I probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if not for two things. One, Wu and Garmadon are brothers, and that just makes it feel kinda, I dunno, not incestuous, but just wrong. I don’t date guys that my sister’s dating! And it’s only made worse that Garmadon and Misako were married and had a kid. Two, back in season one it was clear that Garmadon’s original personality is still there, just not in control. So, I dunno, it just feels like she’s betraying him. Plus, I just like Garmadon better than Sensei Wu.

Head-canon Corner:

That photo from the beginning of the episode is pretty interesting, huh? Young-man Garmadon looks kinda creepy. But! This is confirmation that the brothers weren’t always enemies, and it looks like they were both friends with Misako.

Over-all Episode Quality: Bad

I kinda feel bad saying it, because there’s nothing really terrible or offensive about the episode, but there’s just really nothing I like about it. They get rid of Skales, and he was one of my favorite characters, we barely spend any time with our leads, and instead focus on a romance that makes me feel uncomfortable.


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  1. Unknown says :

    How did Garmadon put on the helmet of darkness (if that’s what the new helmet is called) if he still had his other helmet on?

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