LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 19 Review

SEASON 2 EPISODE 19: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Oh hey, Lloyd’s older in the opening theme now!

Oh hey, Lloyd’s older in the opening theme now!

We open with, guess what, Lloyd training! It makes sense that he has to get used to his new body though. He knocks the others about easily, as usual, and even does an epic blade-catch with Kai’s katana. Unfortunately for him, Kai uses it to knock him over. Nya says Lloyd’s been learning a lot faster since he’s grown.

Later that day, Zane’s falcon shows up with bad news. Lord Garmadon has restored the lost city of Oroboros and the Serpentine are amassing there and preparing for war. The ninja sneak into the city that night to try and put a stop to it. The dark lord is in the middle of the base, overseeing the snakes, when Sensei Wu appears out of nowhere.

Lord Garmadon: Oh brother!

Me: Cute. T_T

Sensei Wu: It’s time we finish this! –The other four ninja and Nya jump in behind him

Lord Garmadon: Bring it on, fools!

Lloyd: Erryah! –Rolls in and shoots a bolt of ice, freezing the head of the mega-weapon

Garmadon: Lloyd!? Is that you?

Lloyd: Yeah… I’ve grown a little since the last time you saw me, dad.

Man, those last two lines… It’s a short bit, but the sad music really sells it.

The dark lord retreats, leaving the snakes to deal with our heroes. He curses the ninja, and all they’ve ever done. Then he gets an idea. What if the team of ninja had never formed in the first place? Lord Garmadon uses his mega-weapon to create a time portal and stop our heroes from ever becoming ninja. Oh boy, time travel hijinks!

The others soon find the portal, and quickly figure out what it is when the city starts disappearing back into the sand, like it had never been uncovered.

Nya: What’s happening!?

Zane: Garmadon’s gone back in time to make it so Lloyd never turns into the green ninja!

Lloyd: I can’t… I can’t feel my hands.

Me: Hey, uh Jillian Michaels, you usually do a good job, but could you put some emotion into that line?

So our four leads need to go back in time to stop Lord Garmadon from changing the past to save the future. This episode is basically Back to the Future, isn’t it? That’s fine, it’s one of my favorite movies.

The time portal dumps them in the rice paddies outside the blacksmith shop Kai and Nya used to run. It’s the day the skeletons come and kidnap her.

Kai: We need to warn them!

Cole: Whoa, whoa! You heard what Sensei said! We change anything, we change everything.

Jay: Yeah, I was confused by that too.

Zane: What he means is our world is the result of past events that have already happened. If, for whatever reason, events in our past fail to happen, then the future could radically change.

Me: Yeah you two, haven’t you ever seen a time travel movie? Back to the Future? Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Doctor Who?

This is the perfect day for Lord Garmadon to ruin the future, because this is the day that Kai first met Sensei and started his ninja training. If this is screwed up, pretty much the whole series will never have happened. The guys wonder what they should do, and wish Sensei was there to help him.

Jay: Oh look, there he is!

Yep, this is pretty much exactly where the pilot opens. Kai says he has an idea of how they can talk to the old man without letting Past!Kai see them.

After Past!Kai and Past!Sensei have their jerk argument, Kai sneaks up behind the old man and pulls him into the backyard.

Jay: Whoa-whoa-whoa, wait a minute! If we’re trying to stop Garmadon from changing anything, wouldn’t talking to Sensei kinda be like altering our past, thus changing our future!?

Zane: That would be correct. I believe a big ‘uh-oh’ is in order.

Me: That would be an understatement Zane.

Past!Sensei is obviously freaked out by all this, but Cole’s just ‘Yeah we traveled back in time to warn you about the future.’ And then he’s all ‘Well… alright then?’ They can’t undo showing themselves to Past!Sensei, so they’ll just have to go with it. Kai explains to Past!Sensei that the skeletons are going to attack, and they think Lord Garmadon will use this opportunity to hurt Past!Kai, so they need to keep an eye out for him.

Sure enough, the skeletons arrive in their dark cloud and monster truck. Lord Garmadon has disguised himself as one of the skeleton cronies, and as he listens to the two annoying comic-relief villains, he wonders what he was thinking.

Lord Garmadon: Why did I ever trust these numbskulls?

Me: My thoughts exactly.

So the skeletons attack, and Past!Kai arms himself. In the back yard, a few stray skeletons have found the Future!Ninja. Zane says it can’t hurt to fight if they don’t get seen. Kai tells Sensei to be sure to save Past!Kai from Samuki while the other three have fun beating up baddies.

Kai can’t help watching the fight with Samuki, and I really can’t blame him. He did almost die back then/now. Everything plays out like it did in the pilot. Past!Sensei saves Past!Kai from the falling water tower, and Samuki commands his troops to take Nya. Except this time, Lord Garmadon is operating the grabby-chain, and he purposely misses. The skeletons retreat, leaving her behind.

Oh… Clever. Very clever dark lord.

After the fight, Past!Sensei meets up with the Future!Ninja.

Kai: Oh, this isn’t good…

Past!Sensei: Why? We saved you and your sister.

Kai: No, the skeletons were supposed to get away with Nya. The only reason you convinced me to become a ninja in the first place was to get her back!

Past!Sensei: I see…

Zane: Sensei, no matter what, you must convince Kai to go with you!

Jay: Why?

Me: Really? Why the heck do you think Jay?

Zane: Because if Kai doesn’t become a ninja, the world as we know it won’t exist. The four of us will never unite. We’ll never train Lloyd to become the green ninja, and Nya will never fall head-over-heels for Jay.

Jay: -Beat- No matter what! –Starts shaking Past!Sensei- You need to convince him to go with you!

Me: Hahaha, ok, that was cute and really funny.

Our time-traveling heroes hide again when Past!Kai comes to thank Past!Sensei for saving the day with his ‘Twistitzu or Tornadzu or whatever’. The others give Kai ‘what the heck?’ glares and it is hilarious.


Past!Sensei tries to convince Past!Kai to come train to become a ninja, but he’s just:’ Yeah, no, I got a blacksmith shop to take care of.’ Luckily, Nya seems interested, and he’ll go if she wants to.

We next check in with Lord Garmadon, who overhears one of the skeletons say that he saw two of the same guy earlier. The dark lord susses that the ninja have followed him into the past, and he changes his plan accordingly.

A few days later, Past!Kai is completely unmotivated in his training, and is getting nowhere. At this rate, Nya is going to become the red ninja. (Wouldn’t that be an interesting divergent fic?) The future boys realize they’re going to have to do something to whip Past!Kai into shape.

Jay: I thought you said not to get involved. ‘Change anything, change everything.’

Cole: That was before Garmadon altered the past and changed the future. Now we gotta clean up the mess.

Zane: He’s right. The only way to save our future is for Kai to find his fire.

Jay: What are you trying to say, Zane?

Zane: I’m saying we have to give Kai his motivation back. We have to kidnap Nya, and deliver her into the hands of the skeletons.

Kai: …-Sigh– If that’s what it takes.

Me: Man, this is so messed up!

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane= 3; Lloyd= 7; Jay= 1; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 2; Kai = 1

That night, Kai has an idea to talk to his past self without breaking his mind. Meanwhile, the other three will kidnap Nya. (Uhg, I feel so wrong typing that!) Jay in particular seems really torn up by what he’s about to do, and brushes his hand over her hair.

That is just a little bit heart-breaking! How the heck are minifigs making me feel this much emotion!?

That is just a little bit heart-breaking! How the heck are minifigs making me feel this much emotion!?

Wanna give character X a hug: Zane= 3; Lloyd= 7; Jay= 2; Cole= 1; Garmadon: 2; Kai = 1

They put on skeleton masks and start the deed.

Kai is keeping his past self busy by pretending to be the reflection in the mirror, and starts talking smack. He tells Past!Kai to straighten up and fly right.

Back with the kidnaping in progress, Nya has been bagged, and they’re trying to sneak her out over the wall. Unfortunately, she’s making quite the racket.

Nya: Unhand me, skeletons!

Jay: –Regretfully- Oooh… I’m sorry Nya.

Nya: … How’d you know my name!? Uhrg, when my brother finds out about this, you’ll be sorry!

Cole: Actually, he’ll be quite relieved.

Me: Think about that from Nya’s perspective. That was kinda mean.

Things get complicated when Past!Zane, Jay, and Cole show up. How convenient. We have an awesome past VS future fight, but the distraction gives Nya time to scream her lungs out, alerting Past!Kai. He’s about to leave to help, when Kai punches himself through the mirror.

Kai: Sorry, but we can’t have you spoiling our plans.

Me: Could you sound any more like a super villain?

Kai races outside and picks up Nya in her kidnap-bag, calling to the other time-travelers that it’s time to go. They escape over the wall just as Past!Kai comes out into the courtyard. He takes the news of his sister’s kidnapping about as well as he did the first time (in the other time-line). He’s found his motivation, and just in time to meet his team.

The Future!Ninja find the skeleton camp in the woods and drop Nya off. Quite literally.

When Samuki returns to the underworld to report to Past!Lord Garmadon, Future!Lord Garmadon shows himself.

Past!Lord Garmadon: I don’t understand… You… I have four arms.

Me: Everyone always seems to get hung up on that point.

So the future dark lord explains to his past self that he needs help defeating the ninja once and for all, making both their jobs a lot easier. The past dark lord is happy to help. They have a good double-evil laugh.

More time passes, and we reach the point where the Past!Ninja have three out of the four golden weapons. The Future!Ninja are watching to make sure not-Nya comes and lure Kai away to the fire temple. Things go the same until Past!Lord Garmadon confronts Past!Kai. This time, the dark lord doesn’t summon a shadow to fight, but his future self!

Kai: We have to do something! I don’t stand a chance against Garmadon’s four arms! …Wait… that’s it!

Kai’s brilliant plan is to join his past self in battle. Man, that is a terrible idea, in almost every time-travel story ever, seeing your future self either drives you insane or ceases your existence! But no, Past!Kai is just all ‘Cool! Now we stand a chance!’ Cole and Zane join in the fight too, but two dark lords are still too much for them.

Cole: I think it’s safe to say the past has drastically changed.

Zane: I was thinking about that. It could be possible to erase the events that have transpired so far by destroying the mega-weapon that brought us here in the first place.

Kai: You mean if we destroy that weapon, everything goes back to normal?

Zane: Uh… Theoretically.

Cole: But nothing can destroy it! Only a weapon of equal power has any chance of stopping it.

Jay: Uh-ha, like maybe the weapons forged to create it in the first place? –Holds up the other three golden weapons-

Yep, Jay ran back to the Past!Ninja camp and grabbed them. The future boys all shoot beams of elemental energy from the four golden weapons at the mega-weapon. The five objects start rotating and orbiting around each other faster and faster, until a golden streak shoots out into space and explodes like a mortar. The world of the past starts to fade away…

Our four heroes are standing in the training room of the airship, apparently back to the future. (Yes, I just did that on purpose. You can’t stop me) Lloyd comes in, and they’re all like ‘Hey, you’re ok!’ And Lloyd’s just all ‘Uh, why would I not be?’

Jay: So when we went back in time and destroyed Garmadon’s mega-weapon, that didn’t change anything?

Lloyd: My father has a mega-weapon!?

Kai: Wait, you never heard of it?

Lloyd: I think I would’ve remembered that! Why? What is it? Should I be concerned?

Me: Yeah, I’m concerned! How did the last six episodes happen if the mega-weapon never existed? How is Lloyd older? How did Lord Garmadon bring a Grundal back to life without the mega-weapon?

I spared no expense!

I spared no expense!

So the episode ends with the guys laughing and Lloyd just being confused.

I love time travel stories, so this was a fun episode. I’m just a little disappointed that this is the first episode after Lloyd’s age-up, and he’s barely in it. Technically nothing much happens in this episode plot-wise, it’s just a re-telling/what-if-story of the pilot. I honestly think it improves the pilot a lot. Even Kai himself admits he was an idiot and a jerk in the pilot! Also, Past!Sensei is too confused to be a jerk most of the time. I’m not sure how I feel about it all being undone at the end… it makes the episode feel a bit pointless, but we did get some pretty good character bits for our four leads, although most of it is for Kai.

Character Corner: Kai

This episode is a nice compare and contrast between Kai in the pilot and Kai in season two. The guy hasn’t just learned a lot about being a ninja, he’s learned a lot about being a nicer person. I guarantee you if Kai had to kidnap Nya to save the world back in the pilot, or even the first half of season one, he wouldn’t have done it. He has to do it here, and he clearly doesn’t like it, but he goes through with it. Also, when the others glare at him for his past self’s ‘Twistitzu’ comment, he just sorta cringes and gives a sheepish grin like he’s saying ‘Yeah, I know, I was a jerk.’

Head-canon Corner

I kinda wanna know what would have happened if the alternate timeline had continued. That’d make a really interesting divergent fic. Like, what would happen to Lloyd if the ninja were never around? Would he never have uncovered the Serpentine? And if he had, would he still be held captive by the snakes, or worse?

Over-all Episode Quality: Well Above Average

A fun time travel story with good atmosphere and character bits, even if the plot is kinda pointless and there are more than a few plot-holes.


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  1. Unknown says :

    You’re right. Just how can the things that happened in the last few episodes even happen? How did they find the ninja tank? How did they Face off their evil twins? P.S. In episode…16/Double Trouble, Garmadon says they’ll brainstorm ideas to use the mega weapon. One snake says he should recreate the devourer and Garmadon disagrees. Garmadon, YOU destroyed the Devourer! AND the Golden Weapons are gone! Nobody could stop it! But LG(Lord Garmadon) didn’t take time to think about it. Genius.

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