LEGO: Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 16 Review



We open with Jay trying to teach Lloyd how to control his elemental power of lightning by lighting a light bulb while holding it. The kid pours too much power into the bulb and it bursts. We see the remains of several similar incidents scattered on the floor. They’re all out of light bulbs, so that’s going to be all for today.

Jay: Uhg, what am I doing wrong, Sensei Wu? I can’t seem to teach him to control his power.

Lloyd whacks a punching bag with his broom, it swings back and knocks him over-

Lloyd: You dare to defy the green ninja? Hya!

Sensei: Patience, Jay. Sometimes the greatest opponent we face is ourselves. And that’s especially true of Lloyd. Remember where he came from. He’s the son of Lord Garmadon. It’s going to take time for him to embrace the light.

Just then Nya comes in and asks Jay if he wants to come by later to the auto body shop where she got a job, check out what she’s working on and stuff. (Oh-ho, a date! Aw!) Also, a letter came from Lloyd’s old school. Apparently the school has switched from evil to good, and is now the Darkly’s School for Great Children. They’re going to have a ceremony for Lloyd to thank him for inspiring the school’s change to good. This gets Cole excited because ceremony = cake. Kai is all ‘Uh, are we talking about the same Lloyd here?’

We next cut to the stolen airship, where Lord Garmadon is asking the Serpentine troops for ideas on how to use the mega-weapon’s power to create a way to destroy the ninja. The snakes aren’t too bright, and keep coming up with ideas that already failed.

Snake: Can you create a giant ham sandwich?

Lord Garmadon: Uh, a poison giant ham sandwich?

Snake: I would hope not, I’m ssssso hungry.

Snake is thrown overboard-

So yeah, the snakes aren’t much help in the idea department. Lord Garmadon is contemplating what he could possibly create to equal the ninja’s power, when he sees his reflection and gets an idea. He orders the snakes to gather up any remaining possessions of the ninja on the ship, and wouldn’t you know it, there are four spare uniforms just lying around. The dark lord then wishes for the ninja to finally meet their match.

In a burst of magic energy, four pale, red-eyed copies of the ninja appear. Created to be equal to our heroes, but loyal to Lord Garmadon. Their purpose? To destroy the ninja!



Speaking of our heroes, they’re flying the dragon to Lloyd’s school. Lloyd is taking flying lessons from Cole, and the kid doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet. After a few dangerous dive-bombs, they land safely beside the school. Inside, they meet one of Lloyd’s old classmates.

Lloyd: Uh, Brad?

Brad: You came! So good to see you!

Lloyd: It is? You put fire ants in my bed.

Brad: Please forgive me, I wasn’t myself, and have learned the error of my ways. –Looks at the other four– And you must be the ninja!

Lloyd: Uh, guys, meet Brad Todabone.

Me: Ha, I see what you did there.

Cole notices that the classrooms are all empty and asks what’s up. Brad explains that today is “Ninja Day” and the students are all staying out of sight to honor their guests. Seems legit. What’s more, they haven’t seen any teachers either by the time they reach the principal’s office. Brad ducks out quickly, leaving the ninja alone in the waiting room. The principal calls them in.

Inside, however, they don’t find the principal. They find another one of Lloyd’s old classmates, Gene, who has a nasally know-it-all voice.

Gene: Welcome back Lloyd.

Lloyd: Uh, Gene?

Gene: And welcome, ninja, to the new Darkly’s Boarding School for Worse Boys! Huhur! –Cuts a rope, dropping sandbags on the five of them-

Lloyd: –Blacking out– Gene… I’m gonna get you for… ugh.

Our four oldest heroes come to in the teacher’s lounge, where all of the good teachers are being held. Apparently the school did actually switch to good, but the kids revolted and took over. The little brats made up the ceremony to lure Lloyd here and make him their leader. Cole freaks out because this means there’s not going to be any cake.


I guess you could say the cake is a lie.



Now we check in on Lloyd, and find him in a familiar situation.

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 7

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 7

Brad: Welcome to your ceremony Lloyd. Or should I call it an evil intervention!

Me: Evil intervention… these writers are geniuses

It actually does play out like an intervention. The students tell Lloyd his friends are better off without him, and they want to help undo the damage he’s done to himself and the school’s rep.

Meanwhile, we check in with the evil copies. They cause general havoc around the city before finding Sensei Wu. It doesn’t take Sensei long to notice something is off, and he has a clever trick to catch the imposters.

Sensei: Mega-monster Amusement Park is no place for an old man. I’d just slow him down.

Evil!Kai: Mega-monster Amusement Park? … Ah, yeah, right! –Notices Sensei has vanished– Hu?

Sensei: –Jumps out with a broom– Lloyd is not at the amusement park, and you are not my students!

Me: Clever. Very clever Sensei.

The evil copies manage to overpower the old man, and are about to interrogate him to find the originals, when a cellphone on the table rings. Look like Jay’s left his phone, and Nya is trying to call him and ask when he’s coming by the auto body shop. The evil duplicates smirk, and leave.

Oh Crap.

Back with the read deal, our heroes are trying to escape by… using… Zane as a… battering ram? He has a ‘battering ram mode’? Why? This unsurprisingly doesn’t work, but Jay assures the others that once Nya notices he’s late for their date, she’ll figure something’s up and the samurai will come to their rescue. Again.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things are playing out. Evil!Jay has come to the auto body shop to talk to Nya.

Evil!Jay: It’s a whole new me, baby! Nice work. We should take it out for a spin, bet we could make a lot of people jealous.

Nya: –Giggle- I should have known spending time at Darky’s School would turn you into a bad boy.

Evil!Jay: Darkly’s School? Huh, is that where we were?

Nya: What’s gotten into you?

Evil!Jay: –Swoops her into a kiss and steals her keys– It’s a bad boy thing. –Drives away in the ninja tank

Nya: Uh… call me!

Me: Hahaha, classic!

Back in the teacher’s lounge, the guys still aren’t having any luck getting out, but Zane has an idea. It’s an evil school, and the teachers are all new. There are probably plenty of secret passages none of them know about. So everyone starts combing the room for some sort of secret switch or trigger. Unfortunately, they forgot the other thing they’re likely to find in an evil school: boobie traps! The ceiling starts lowering, and the second switch they find just adds spikes to the problem, but luckily, third time’s a charm, and they find a secret tunnel in the fire place.

The tunnel is dark, so they light the way using Zane’s… glowing head. What the heck is up with Zane in this episode? I swear this kinda stuff doesn’t happen anytime else! Anyway, the light reveals their passageway is filled with spiders. Oh noes!

Next we see Lloyd and the other students. Lloyd assures them that he’s ready to go back to evil, so they can untie him, but Brad doesn’t buy it.

Lloyd: Well, if I were truly good, I wouldn’t be able to lie, which I’m not. But even if I was, wouldn’t lying make me evil? Thus giving you assurance that you can release me!

Gene: Uh… He’s trying to trick us with mind games!

The interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of the Evil!Ninja. The students assume that the originals have escaped, and attack with spitballs and dodgeballs. The evil copies retaliate by throwing the dodgeballs back with double the force. They manage to bean Brad in the head, leaving him dazed. Evil!Kai picks the kid up by the collar and demands to know where the originals are.

Lloyd, meanwhile, has been left alone in the room with a solitary light bulb hanging on a chord.

Lloyd: Aaaw, why do I always get tied up!? …You’d think I’d be pretty good with knots by now.

Me: Hahahahahah! So true!

The kid looks at the lightbulb and has a bright idea.

He concentrates on overloading the power like he did in training earlier, and sure enough, the bulb bursts. He rocks his chair back and forth until it falls over onto the broken glass, and he wiggles about, cutting the rope on the shards. (And probably slicing his arm up in the process)

Lloyd is about to make his triumphant escape when the students rush back into the room in a panic.

Lloyd: Awww, no way! I escaped fair and square!

Meanwhile, Brad has led the Evil!Ninja to the teachers’ lounge, and they aren’t too happy when they find the place empty. Evil!Cole is about to give the kid a noogie when a locker in the hallway opens up and our heroes exit the secret passage.

The guys are obviously perplexed by their copies, and the two teams soon face off. The evil copies take their shades off together, so you know it’s going to be BA. They are perfect matches for each other, equal in power and technique. Neither side can land a hit.

Lloyd: We have to help them!

Gene: Just so we’re clear, which them?

Lloyd: My friends of course!

-The students close in on him-

Lloyd: Uh, I mean, the Evil!Ninja! Muahahaha!

They’re not buying it.

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 8

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 8

Well, I appreciate that you’re trying kid. Gene has a theory, that if either side lands a hit on their opposite, said opposite will cease to exist, kinda like when dark mater encounters light mater.

Me: Uh, wouldn’t that create a black hole? I mean, I’m a geologist, not a physicist, but…

Gene: Trust me, I’m, like, an evil genius!

Me: Ok then.

The students are about the leave and help destroy the good ninja, so Lloyd has just one last chance to stop them.

Lloyd: Alright. You win. I’m good. But guess what? So’s Brad.

Brad: Uah, that’s a lie!

Lloyd: Is it? Then explain why, on the day we first met, you were nice to me. When I arrived here on my first day, I didn’t know how things worked around here, and everyone made fun of me. Brad even put fire ants in my bed.

Gene: Ahaha, yeah, I remember that! Ha, that was evil!

Lloyd: But, when everyone was gone, he said he was just trying to teach me how things go, and after that, he took me under his wing, and he taught me the art of revenge.

Gene: Why would you do that?

Brad: I-I wanted to get in good with his father.

Lloyd: No, it’s because deep down, he’s not all that evil. And Brad’s not the only one. Face it, all of you have a secret good side that stays quiet out of fear, because it thinks it’s alone. But it’s not, and I’m living proof.

Sorry for including such a long scene, but it’s a good one. This is when I start to buy that not only is Lloyd powerful enough to be the green ninja, he’s got the heart for it too.

So, the students gather under Lloyd, declaring that they really like flowers and stuff like that. Gene complains that his dad’s gonna be ticked, but Lloyd’s just ‘I know that feel, bro.’ The green ninja asks if any of them can sew.

"How did you know!? " (Hey, any of you remember Ned’s Declassified? Anyone?)

“How did you know!? “
(Hey, any of you remember Ned’s Declassified? Anyone?)

The kids make their own ninja uniforms and storm into the hall, confusing our heroes and the evil copies. The students manage to tip the scales by dog-piling onto the Evil!Ninja, so Cole and Zane both manage to defeat their copies.

Evil!Jay: Don’t think you can get rid of us that easily. By the way, did I mention that I kissed Nya?

Jay: WHAT?! You did what?! –Flips over the evil copy and kicks him in the backNo one kisses my girl!

Me: I want a boyfriend who will do that for me.

Jay defeats his copy all by himself through the power of love, and it is awesome. Kai defeats his when the evil copy is blinded by a smoke-bomb, which is not quite as awesome. The teachers come out from hiding, and say that the kids saving the day is cause for celebration. And so we have a happy ending, because Cole gets his cake.

On the way home in the tank, Lord Garmadon hacks onto their communication screen and assure the ninja that this is far from over, he is going to destroy them one way or ano—the communicator blips out.

Zane: Nya will be displeased. She just repaired it, and it appears already it has to go back to the shop.

Lloyd: Nah, it’s not broken. –Sends an electrical charge through the console, switching the screen to a Tetris copy-

Jay: Wha… you did that? But it didn’t blow up!

Lloyd: Hey, you go to school and sometimes you might pick up a thing or two.

This is a fun episode, if a little weird. I like the Evil!Ninja, even if that is a somewhat over-used plot. My favorite part, though, was Lloyd coming back to the school and having to deal with his past in a somewhat unique way. I mean, evil intervention? I’ve never seen that in any show, book, or movie, but it’s a hilarious idea! So, some good character development for Lloyd, but not much for anyone else.

Character Corner: Brad Todabone (VA Kathleen Barr)

Hehe, I love that name. Anyway, there are a few nifty little things I picked out about Brad. When we first see him, he’s planting flowers, and when Lloyd exposes him as good, he admits he really does like flowers. Plus, Lloyd says Brad taught him the art of revenge, and when Brad switches to good he says he want to repay the ninja for saving his life. I’m not quite sure what that says about his character, I just thought it was interesting. Also interesting is it appears Brad is the only friend Lloyd has around his own age, which is kinda sad.

Head-canon Corner

So, we learn more about Lloyd’s time at Darkly’s School in this episode. He remembers his first day, and most schools start kids at around five or six years old, so my theory is that Lloyd live in the underworld with his father before that. Remember my quick head-canon back in episode five, when the kid didn’t know what a samurai was? Maybe he was raised in the underworld? It’d explain why he didn’t know what a samurai is and why he didn’t know how the school worked.

Over-all Episode Quality: Well Above Average

A funny episode with some character development for Lloyd and some cool one-off villains.


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