LEGO: Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 13



We open up where we left off last episode. The great devourer bursts out of the ground, and lunges. We cut to black, and see a ghostly image of Sensei Wu’s head which fades into smoke.

Oh no, he’s dead.

For reals.

Yeah, I don’t believe he’s permanently dead for a second, this isn’t the DCAU. If they were gonna kill him off, they would have done it back in the pilot.

The guys don’t have the benefit of genera savviness, and seeing Sensei (oh, and Pythor too) get eaten right in front of them is a harsh blow. There’s no time to mourn though, the great devourer plans to devour them next. They reach the airship, but there’s no wind and only limited fuel, so it’s not a long-term solution. In fact, it might not be a solution at all. The snake is just as fast as them, and big enough to rise its head up to the airship’s elevation.

Nya: I’ll try and get us to Scatter Canyon.

Zane: Probability of us making it that far is less than eight percent!

Nya: Never tell me the odds!

Me: Ha, Star Wars reference.

The snake manages to bite off one of the thrusters, so they have to start bailing out all the extra weight. The fridge, the chairs, the training equipment, everything. Unfortunately, the devourer grows as it eats more, and the bilged items are a tasty treat. The airship at least manages to make it to the canyons, where they appear to have lost the monster.

… At least until it lunges out from around the corner. It smashes the second thruster off the airship, and now it’s our heroes who have to bail out. They hide under an overhanging cliff and watch as the great devourer eats their ship in one bite.



Seeing no more food around, the creature burrows back underground and leaves to search for another meal.

Jay starts freaking out, and understandably so. The great devourer is enormous, and it’ll only get bigger. He frantically suggests they take as many people as they can and hide away in the Serpentine tombs.

Jay: Sure, we’ll be without sunlight for months, but they’re perfect!

Cole: What, and just give up!?

Jay: You know as well as I do we have no chance at stopping that thing!

Kai: Hey, stop it! Listen to yourselves!

Me: Things have gotten really bad if Cole’s the one getting into arguments and Kai’s the one breaking them up.

Kai gives his best inspirational speech about never giving up. They’ve been through so much already, they can’t quit now! If Sensei were still around, he’d want them to go and do everything they can to stop the great devourer!

Jay’s all ‘Yeah, and how’re we gonna do that? We have no special anti-snake flute, no dragons, and the golden weapons are useless against such a large opponent.’

Jay: Oh, we are sooo hooped!

Me: … “Hooped”?  I do believe you mean “Hosed”. You can say “hosed” on kids TV, right?

Suddenly, Kai has an idea.

Kai: Jay, you’re a genius! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Jay: Probably not, but go ahead.

Me: I love that line.

Meanwhile, the Serpentine are fleeing and wondering why the heck they listened to Pythor. The Fangpyre General blames Skales.

Skales: How was I supposed to know he was mad?

Fangpyre: You were his right-hand man, you should have known better! The devourer will eat us all!

Speak of the devil, the devourer appears, prompting the snakes to all hide away in their tomb.

Back with the ninja, they’ve taken their vehicle/weapons (that will never not be stupid) to Jay’s parents’ place, but the junkyard is abandoned. Kai’s reasoning is that the junkyard will be like a buffet for the great devourer, and they’ll be waiting for it with a surprise.

Kai: Zane, do you still have a recording of the sacred flute in your memory bank?

Zane: It might have been destroyed earlier, but I have its exact tone recorded and ready for play-back.

Me: Wha… Zane, how long have you had that, and why have you not used it before now!?

Kai: Good, and there should be enough spare parts here to build this whopper. We’re going to need our biggest Tornado of Creation yet. This is going to be dangerous, we can’t have anyone around.

Cue the mailman showing up. Kai and Jay try and get him to leave, Jay noting that his parents aren’t even home. The mailman asks if they’re at the “Take Back Ninjago” Rally. Right, as if a protest will stop the giant all-consuming snake.

Due to political and public pressures, the Great Devourer has called a cease-eating in Ninjago.

Due to political and public pressures, the Great Devourer has called a cease-eating in Ninjago.

The mailman decides the ninja are trouble-magnets, and is about the leave when the great devourer shows up. The guys are out of time, they’re going to have to make their giant vehicle of doom now. The Tornado of Creation makes an absolutely awesome caterpillar-tread truck-tank-thingy, complete with giant sound-cannon.

I want the LEGO set of this thing.

I want the LEGO set of this thing.

Kai: Zane, now!

Zane fires the recording of the flute in the form of a sonic blast, but it shoots right over the snake’s head.-

Cole: Zane, what was that? This isn’t target practice! You’re supposed to hit it, not give it a haircut!

Zane: May I remind you we just magically whipped up this heap of junk.

They’re going to need to hold the monster still if Zane’s going to have any chance of hitting it. They fire a couple of grappling hooks at the thing, and it holds still long enough to get a direct shot to its head. While the thing is writhing around, Kai notices it has a weak spot on its forehead. A really tiny weak spot. They don’t have much time to process this though, as the writhing snake lashes out at their vehicle with its tail, crushing the back compartment where Zane is.

The attack frees the devourer from the grappling hooks, and it slithers away from the onslaught, leaving our heroes to search through the wreckage for their friend. Zane finds his way out from under the pile of rubble. He’s fine, except part of his face’s been ripped off, revealing the mechanical bits underneath. It’s actually really BA looking.

But imagine if it’d been one of the others. They would’ve lost an eye or worse!

But imagine if it’d been one of the others. They would’ve lost an eye or worse!

Jay declares the mission a failure.

Jay: Oh, great, let me make a note of that. Giant snake has wee, itty-bitty weak spot that’ll be totally impossible to get at because the thing is too ridiculously huge to do anything to stop it!

Nya: Are you done?

Jay: –Inhales– Yes.

Nya: Because things just got worse. Look!

The snake is headed for Ninjago City, which is bad because it’s the biggest city on the continent and a lot of people live there. What’s worse, Jay’s parents are there! Oh no you don’t, snakey, you don’t threaten my two favorite side-characters!

We cut to the city, where the snake protest is under-way. It’s just as goofy as it sounds. Suddenly, the great devourer arrives through the subway. Ed and Edna try to escape in their awesome car, but wouldn’t you know it, the engine won’t start right when they need it the most. (Curse you plot convenience!) Luckily, the ninja arrive just in time.

Jay: Mom? Dad? –Jumps on top of their car, between the snake and his parents- Leave my parents alone!

Me: –Explodes from the awesome-


The guys use their elemental powers to fight the snake, but they’re only making it mad. At least they’re drawing its attention away from the civilians.

We cut to Lord Garmadon (Hey man, we haven’t seen you in a whole episode) ordering some travelers’ tea from the same crotchety old lady Sensei Wu did back in episode 7.

Lord Garmadon: Travelers’ tea.

Lady: Only a fool requests travelers’ tea! –Turns to see who ordered it, sees it’s a freaky guy with four arms– But… you are not a fool. –Leaves to get it out of the back.-

The dark lord notices the tv on the counter is displaying live footage of the destruction in Ninjago City. He doesn’t say anything, but I’m guessing he’s thinking something along the lines of ‘Great. They can’t even destroy the fang-blades without me. Now I’ve gotta go clean up their mess.’

Nya tries to wedge the devourer’s mouth open with a street lamp, but the samurai mech malfunctions so she can’t let go of it. (Curse you plot convenience! Although it may be because Lloyd is jammed into the cockpit with her) They are saved by Draco Ex Machina! Yes, the dragons have finally returned from the breeding grounds… as… one… four-headed… dragon…

What the heck kind of crazy life-cycle do dragons go through in this universe!?

What the heck kind of crazy life-cycle do dragons go through in this universe!?

The dragon and the snake fight, and it’s pretty awesome. The four-headed beast actually has the devourer on the run, until the snake burrows underground, and then lashes its tail out in a sneak attack.

GREAT DEVOURER used DIG!  It’s super-effective!

GREAT DEVOURER used DIG! It’s super-effective!

The snake starts rampaging through the city again as the ninja check on their dragon(s? I don’t know anymore) Lord Garmadon shows up and says the only way to stop the great devourer now is to give him the golden weapons. Using all four at once is the only thing that’ll defeat the monster for good.

Jay is all ‘Yeah, nice try, we’re not stupid.’ But Zane says ‘No, I’ve run every scenario, he’s right, it’s the only way.’ Kai, of all people, is the first one to give over his weapon.

Kai: Quit your yammering and just do it! When you get the chance to make the blow, it has a weakness on its forehead.

Jay: I don’t think this needs to be said, but we’re gonna need these back.

Lord Garmadon: –Evil laugh– I’ll do my part, you just make sure he stays in one spot. –More evil laughter as he runs off-

Me: Oh yeah, you’re definitely getting them back. /sarcasm/

And how are they going to get the nearly kilometer-long snake to stay in one spot? Well, it involves leading it on a merry chase through town. First Kai lures it in and jumps over an overpass. He relays off to Cole, who leads the thing to a small alley where it can’t fit. The snake climbs up over the building, where it finds Jay waiting for it. He leads the thing up through a tower that’s under construction, and meets up with Zane at the top. They slide down an already-prepared ice-flow, and narrowly miss being eaten thanks to the dragon. The snake lunges for where they were, and bites down on its own tail.

It’s an awesome scene, and I can’t do it justice, please just see the episode for itself.

It’s an awesome scene, and I can’t do it justice, please just see the episode for itself.

The snake is stuck, and it’s time for Lord Garmadon to finish it off.

Lord Garmadon: You are the reason evil runs through my blood! –Holds up weapons, creating a shockwave of energy– You bit me once. Now, feel what it’s like to be bitten back! –Jumps off building

Lloyd: Go get him dad.

Lord Garmadon: Vengeance will be mine! –Hits the weak spot, snake explodes into green goo-

Me: … Gross!

So, all over Ninjago, people cheer, despite the fact that everything is now covered in snake guts. Within the Serpentine tombs, the Generals hear cheering, which must mean the great devourer has been defeated. Skales says they’re going to need someone to lead now, and he knows just the guy… him!

Back with the ninja, Jay has reunited with his parents and Cole has reunited with his pet dragon. Lloyd looks around and can’t find his dad. (There’s a surprise /sarcasm/) Zane does a scan of the area and can’t find the dark lord anywhere. I shouldn’t have to tell you he took the golden weapons with him.

Kai: I have a feeling you’ll see your father again soon.

Lloyd: I know… that’s what I’m afraid of.

While looking around in the snake guts, they find Sensei Wu, alive and mostly undigested. Oh wow. What a shock. Well, whatever, happy ending for everyone… except for Lloyd, because he still has to fight his dad someday, but we’ll worry about that in season two.

Sensei: Tomorrow you will train for the day good will finally face evil, and a final outcome will be decided for all of time.

Me: Or at least until the show gets picked up for a third season. Y’know, whichever comes first.

Freeze-frame jump ending with lens flare! Yeah!

Freeze-frame jump ending with lens flare! Yeah!

The season one finale is a well-paced, thrilling, and action-packed close that wraps up the first arc of the show nicely. Sure, we’ve still got a few loose ends, like Lloyd’s upcoming showdown with Lord Garmadon, or the remaining Serpentine, but those’ll all tie into the plot of season two. We get to see everyone use their powers and their individual strengths to defeat the great devourer, and a lot of old characters and plot-points are brought back, like Jay’s parents, the dragon(s?) and the special flute.

Character Corner: I’m going to do a quick overview of how much everyone has changed over the course of season one.


Kai: Of our four main leads, Kai probably has the second-most character development. He’s still a little impatient, but he’s learned to control it better. He’s learned to respect his sister, and to care for other people outside of himself and Nya. He’s the quickest to question Sensei Wu’s lessons, but he’s also the one who seems to take them to heart the most, and calls back to Sensei’s words during their time of need.

Jay: He’s still the goof-ball of the group, and he’s still the gadget guy. Jay’s developed the most in how he interacts with other people. At the beginning of the season he was embarrassed by his parents and didn’t know how to go about expressing his feelings to Nya. Now he’s shown openly worrying about his folks, and he and Nya are the series Official Couple. He’s still a bit immature and often jokes at the completely wrong time.

Zane: He gets the most character development, by far. Zane begins the pilot taking things very seriously, but by the time he’s reached the first season he’s loosened up a little. He starts out knowing hardly anything about himself, where he came from, who his family is, or why he’s so different from everybody else. He’s obviously a little uncomfortable with that difference, but when he learns about his past, and why he is the way he is, he accepts that difference and uses it to his advantage. After episode seven, Zane starts using common robot tropes like spouting off ridiculously precise statistics more and more often. But most of them are actually really useful, like the recording of the flute used in this episode. And yet, in other ways he defies a lot of typical robot tropes. He’s reserved, but he’s not emotionless. He gets embarrassed, he’s caring, he’s incredibly respectful of Sensei Wu, he’s sentimental, he gets frustrated, and he’s imaginative. It’s no wonder he’s the most popular character.

Cole: Cole probably changes the least out of the four, and considering he’s the one who usually holds the team together when Kai and Jay are bickering and Zane is spaced out, that’s probably for the best. He’s always quick with a snarky quip when someone is being too clichéd, which I appreciate. He learns to appreciate dancing when he unlocks his true potential, and incorporates it into his fighting, but that’s about it as far as change goes.


Lloyd: He starts out as the adorable, if somewhat bratty, Big Bad Wannabe. We soon learn the kid’s had a rough life, and he really cannot catch a break. After switching to the side of good, Lloyd feels really guilty about letting the Serpentine out, and wants to help undo his mistakes. Unfortunately for him, our heroes are not about to endanger a nine-year-old. When he’s first reunited with his dad, it’s clear the two care for each other a lot, but Lloyd does have some abandonment issues. Still, he doesn’t want to fight his father. Although the other aspects of becoming the green ninja do excite him. Like being a powerful fighting force that can kick butt and face.

Nya: In the pilot she’s a damsel in distress, but she slowly grows out of it through the first few episodes, and soon she’s proven herself just as good as, if not better than, the guys. Unfortunately, plot convenience makes her much less competent in the last half of the season so she doesn’t just plow through all the Serpentine and save the day all by herself. She’s not clueless about Jay’s initial infatuation, nor does she brush him off or use his feelings. She accepts his offer for a date, sees where it goes, and then decides that she feels the same way.

Garmadon: By now I’m sure some of you have noticed I’m inconsistent with the use of Garmadon or Lord Garmadon. That was on purpose. I use Garmadon when I feel the original, good personality is showing through, mainly when he’s talking to Lloyd and Sensei Wu. The guy’s got a pretty tragic backstory, even if I don’t agree with the general principle. I don’t think you can make a good person evil if they still don’t want to be. If you don’t want to be, then don’t be! But anyway, he’s got a very interesting relationship with his family. He clearly still respects Wu, even if they’re enemies, and he cares a great deal for Lloyd. The original good personality is clearly still in there, just not in the driver’s seat. The whole good/evil thing he has going on is weird. It’s not like a split personality or mind control, he just does evil things, and sometimes he seems to really enjoy it and other times he seems sorry about it.

Sensei Wu: In the pilot he’s a jerk. In the series he’s a wacky old guy/mystical mentor stereotype. In the season one finale he’s an idiot. What more can I say?

Over-all Episode Quality: Great

The first season ends on a high note, with the culmination of the Serpentine arc, excellent action and atmosphere, and some great character moments for most of the cast.


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