LEGO: Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 12 Review


Our heroes are on their way to a volcano where they can destroy the four fang-blades. Sensei Wu is consulting his ‘Spirit Smoke’ (Riiiiight) when he sees a vision of the great devourer attacking, and then… nothing. This obviously worries the man.

In the galley, Jay, Nya, and Kai are discussing the fact that Lloyd is now the green ninja.

Nya: I know, he was such a brat at first. It’s hard to believe he’s gonna become the greatest ninja that ever lived.

Kai: -Frowns and clears his throat– Yeeeah, where is that little runt?

Me: Kai, don’t tell me you’re still hung up on the green ninja thing.

The little runt, it turns out, is downstairs trying to use the training equipment. He does about as well with it as Kai did in the pilot. He pinballs between the various pieces of equipment before he falls onto something invisible. Pythor.

Pythor: What a joke. You always were a boy who followed stupid dreams.

Lloyd: Pythor!? How’d you get aboard?

Pythor: You think I’d just allow the ninja to steal the fang-blades from me? –Begins to tie the kid to a punching bag-

Lloyd: You’ll never get away with—Pythor gags him with ducktape

Pythor: Awww, tsk, tsk, I wouldn’t worry about that. As they say, out of sight, out of mind! –Disappears with an evil laugh-

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 6

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 6

The airship has reached the volcano. The guys notice Sensei has been distant all day, and ask him what’s up.

Zane: Sensei, we are ready for the destruction of the fang-blades, yet you seem disinterested.

Sensei: You do not need my approval to finish the task.

Jay: But Sensei—

Sensei: Butts are for sitting.

Me: LoL.

Sensei is all ‘I’m not always gonna be around to help you guys.’ The ninja are understandably distressed by this, and Cole asks him to cut the metaphors and explain exactly what’s wrong. Sensei retells his spirit-smoke vision and says they should just get destroying the fang-blades over-with. They’re about to throw the relics over-board when the boat rocks wildly.

Pythor has taken a hammer to the ship’s electrical switchbox. Nya struggles to right the ship, but it’s tipped steeply to the side. The guys almost slip off, and Sensei in particular falls a bit before the four ninja form a chain and catch him.


Lloyd finally manages to struggle out of his bonds and alerts the others through the intercom that Pythor is here. Sure enough, the snake slithers onto the deck with the four fang-blades in his arms.

Pythor: Sorry if I don’t lend a hand, but I’ve got to rush. Got this whole ‘devourer’ thing going on. Toodle-oo!

Lloyd: Where do you think you’re going?

Pythor: Hmph. Little clichéd, don’t you think?

Lloyd: Clichéd?

Pythor: Oh, I wouldn’t expect a child to understand.

Lloyd: Hey! I’ve grown up a lot! –Charges the snake

Pythor: Hmm, no strength, –Easily dodges a blow– no fundamentals, sloppy foot-work.

Me: Wow, Pythor just totally burned you Lloyd.

However, the kid was just distracting the snake long enough for the samurai to arrive. Pythor is trembling in his skin, so Lloyd takes the opportunity to kick him in the face. Nya tries to catch the snake, but the mech is too slow, and she loses him over the side. Pythor flies away in a snakehelicopter.

Nya catches the guys just as they fall from the boat, and they chase after the snakes. Skales has prepared a tour bus as a get-away, as the snakehelicopter won’t be fast enough to outrun the ninja. The Serpentine need to return the fang-blades back to the city of Oroboros if they want to awaken the great devourer.

The ninja get their weapons to give chase. Lloyd asks if he can come along.

Lloyd: Did you see me kick him in the face? I’m an asset! I kick butt! And face!

Kai: Patience kid. You’re too important now that you’re the chosen one.

Sensei points out Kai telling anyone to be patient is a pot calling the kettle black. The ninja, along with Nya and Sensei, head out after the Serpentine. The snakes turn their tour bus into a snaketourbus, complete with crushing tail and anti-aircraft guns.

Essential parts of any snaketourbus.

Essential parts of any snaketourbus.

They manage to uncouple the last car with the weapons and the tail, and board the snaketourbus. Kai gets to fight on the roof, and a fire-elemental ninja fighting snakes alongside a samurai mech is still less silly than the train-roof fight in The Wolverine.

Nya gets knocked off by a sign because the mech can’t duck.

Our heroes finally reach the front car, when Sensei jumps ahead and uncouples the bus from the first car, leaving the ninja behind. He says facing Pythor alone is his destiny.

Kai: This is turning into a habit with him.

Me: Yeah, it is actually!

Lloyd catches up with the airship, which he uses to carry the others to Oroboros. (The kid learns fast, just a few scenes ago he couldn’t fly the thing in a straight line)

The fight between Sensei and Pythor has tipped the bus over, and it crashes just outside the city. The snake king emerges from the wreckage, clutching the fang-blades and laughing madly. Inside the city, he inserts the fang-blades into the statue of the great devourer, one for each stone fang. Green acid begins to drip from the statue. Sensei catches up and is all ‘You idiot, you don’t know what you’re doing’, but Pythor is all ‘It’s the only way to get revenge for being locked away underground! REVENGE!’

The ninja arrive just in time to see the ground shaking. The statue of the great devourer crumbles, and Pythor is all ‘What, where is it?’ The ground opens up, and he gets his answer.


The snake flees like the coward he is, but Sensei is all ‘You made this mess, no way am I letting you sit it out.’ Our heroes arrive in the arena just in time to see the great devourer burst out of the ground. They yell at Sensei to get out of there, but he’s all ‘Nope. Destiny.’

We close as the 100 meter long snake lunges.

To Be Continued.

Man, that’s so intense they don’t even play the theme song over the closing credits!

This episode is mostly just build-up to the season finale next episode. There’s not much substance to it, it’s a lot of fight-scenes and a few pointless scenes with the people on the tour bus and the mail man to pad it out. Plus, at the end Sensei is being an idiot just because destiny says so. If all six of them had attacked Pythor at once, we wouldn’t be dealing with a giant all-consuming snake!

That being said, I really liked the scene near the beginning between Lloyd and Pythor. There is a more personal animosity between the two of them, and watching the snake tear the kid’s self-esteem down like that is just full of feels. It’s very well written, and makes Lloyd kicking the guy in the face later on very satisfying.

Character Corner: Sensei Wu (VA Paul Dobson)

Eh, I guess I’ll do him now. How do I put this… he’s my least favorite main character. He’s a jerk in the pilot, and in the series he switches from stereotypical mystical mentor to wacky old man with little rhyme or reason. Really, the only times I like him are when he’s worrying over Lloyd or talking to Garmadon. I mean, I don’t hate the guy, he’s ok, but I have a hard time saying what exactly his character is, while everyone else has a very defined character, and in some cases fairly complex. I guess I’ll say what I can figure out about him. He’s a very stereotypical mentor type, and the only thing that really makes him stand out is his relationship with his brother. It’s implied that he still feels that Garmadon getting bitten by the great devourer is his fault, so he feels a responsibility to clean up after his evil brother’s messes, and look after the one thing that brings out his brother’s original personality: Lloyd.

Head-canon Corner

The one way I can make any sense of Sensei’s actions in this episode is that he feels this great devourer business is personal. The legendary snake did turn his brother evil, so I guess he wants to show down with it himself? Yeah, that’ll go well.

Over-all Episode Quality: Average

It’s just build up for the finale. Will it pay off?


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