LEGO: Ninjago Masters of Spinjituz Episode 11 Review



We open with the ninja cornering a Venomari in Ninjago City using their new powers. We see that Jay can become electricity and travel through telephone lines! It’s awesome! Too bad I’m pretty sure it’s never used again.

They start questioning the snake about the whereabouts of the last fang-blade. The snake is all ‘Muahaha! You’re too late, Pythor’s already digging it up as we speak, and when he does he’ll awaken the great devourer and it’ll devour everything!’

Zane: Won’t that mean it’ll consume you too?

Venomari: –Beat– Augh! Please! You have to stop him! That snake is crazy! I don’t wanna unleash the great devourer, I’m a snake, not food!

Kai: Is it really too late to stop Pythor from getting the last fang-blade?

Venomari: You’re days behind him, there’s gotta be something you can do!

Back on the airship, they check the snake’s intel on the bridge, and sure enough, Pythor is on the other side of the continent. They’ll never get there in time. But this is the last fang-blade; they can’t let the snakes get it or it’s game over. Lloyd suggests they find where Pythor is keeping the other fang-blades, and take those. Zane points out that’s going to be a lot more dangerous, as the snakes will have the remaining fang-blades heavily guarded by the top Serpentine generals in their stronghold. Which, by the way, we don’t know the location of. They can’t even narrow it down by looking where Serpentine have been sighted lately, because lately no one has seen any.

Nya realizes that, as snakes, these guys dig, and uses ground-penetrating radar to find tunnels in the subsurface.

Man, I wish GPR worked that fast in real-life, that class would have been so much easier

Man, I wish GPR worked that fast in real-life, that class would have been so much easier

The tunnels all converge on one big burrow, which is obviously where the fang-blades will be held.

They won’t reach the stronghold until morning, so the guys head out the deck to do some last minute training, and figure out a plan of attack to deal with all the different kinds of snakes they’ll encounter. To counter the Hypnobrai’s hypnotic stare, you have to fight without relying on your eyes. To counter the Fangpyre’s mutating bite, block their fangs with armor. To escape the Constricti’s crushing coils, relax out of its grip. And to counter the Venomari’s hallucinogenic spit… switch to Falcon Vision. (Yeah, that’s great for Zane, but what if the others get hit with the stuff?)

Kai asks Sensei Wu if he’s going to help them fight. After all, they need all the help they can get, but he says he’s too old to keep up. (Suuuure. Lazy jerk.) Lloyd asks if he can come along, but nope, he’s too young/important to come on this dangerous mission. Sensei says he’ll watch the kid, but Nya reveals she’s made a second seat on the samurai mech for Sensei. So it looks like Lloyd’s going to spend some quality time with his father.

Our heroes sneak into the tunnels, but there aren’t any snakes in the first chamber they enter. After looking around they find a secret passage, probably leading to the snakes’ stronghold. This will take the utmost stealth, silence and camouflage.

Which is why they’re bringing the giant, noisy, red mech.

Which is why they’re bringing the giant, noisy, red mech.

Back aboard the airship, Lloyd finds his dad at the bridge hacking into the computer’s files and stealing information on the ninja. Lloyd is all ‘Dad, what the heck, my friends helped you!’

Lord Garmadon: I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. Ever since the devourer bit me, evil runs through my blood.

Lloyd: You left me for so long… where did you go?

Garmadon: Son, there are places in this world void of any good. Dark places.

Lloyd: Is that where Sensei found you?

Lord Garmadon: You know how much I’ve always wanted those golden weapons! Well this place allowed me the power to possess them!

Lloyd: But why didn’t you take me with you?

Garmadon: Every boy has the choice to grow up to be whoever they want to be. But I never had that choice because I was bitten. Evil runs through my veins. But you still have a choice! You don’t need to be like me Lloyd! Your uncle has a plan for you, and even if it may be to stop me one day, we have to follow our own destiny. After I help the ninja stop Pythor… I’ll need to leave again.

Lloyd: … –Suddenly shoutingThen why don’t you just leave now!?


Wanna give character X a hug: Zane= 3; Lloyd= 5; Jay= 1; Cole= 1; Nya= 1; Garmadon= 3

Ah man, the feels here! I must once again give major props to Garmadon’s voice actor, Mark Oliver, and Lloyd’s voice actor, Jillian Michaels. They play the parts pretty much perfectly here.

Obviously, Lloyd’s got some abandonment issues. Can’t really blame the kid. It’s really sad to watch, especially considering how much we see that Garmadon cares for his son.

This heartrending scene is interrupted by Nya making an emergency call. Apparently the whole ‘stealthy’ thing didn’t work out (Gee, I wonder why?) and they’re gonna need someone to come bail them out. Garmadon is about to push the button to reply, but Lloyd bats his hand away, saying ‘We don’t need your help.’ The dark lord leaves in a depressed funk. The kid turns to the controls only to realize ‘Crap, I literally have no clue how to work this thing.’

Back with our heroes, the snakes have surrounded them. Sensei takes care of one by dumping his boiling-hot teapot onto its head. Yikes, I’ve been scalded by boiling water before, that’s brutal! The guys fight back, using the techniques they discussed earlier in the episode. They almost make it to the fang-blades, but as they step towards them…

Obvious meme

Our heroes are all caged, just in time for Pythor to come back with the last fang-blade.

Pythor: Come, come, can this get any better? Seriously, they fell right into my trap!

Kai: Oh, this isn’t good!

Me: No, really?

Kai: Where’s Lloyd when you need him?

Me: Yeah, he’s got a lot more experience with the whole caged-up thing.

Lloyd, it turns out, has given up trying to mess with the controls, and has found the green ninja uniform.


Lloyd: The green ninja is here to save the day!

Me: Awww, you are adorable!

Nya’s emergency message comes though again, and this time Lloyd is at least able to answer it. He explains that his dad… left… and asks what’s happening. Nya explains that they’ve been captured and had their weapons confiscated (They’re using the samurai mech’s communications by throwing rocks at the controls) and they really need someone to bail them out right now.

Zane: Lloyd, where did your father go?

Lloyd: I… I told him to leave. He was trying to steal secrets.

Kai: Hah, big surprise. I told you about that guy, but you guys wouldn’t listen.

Sensei tells Lloyd not to risk himself trying to save them, but Cole points out that if Pythor unleashes the great devourer, everyone is screwed, including Lloyd. The kid assures them that he’ll rescue them in a jiff. Yep, that just fills me with confidence.

Pythor, meanwhile, is getting all the Serpentine psyched for releasing the great devourer, but the snakes are tired and want a break. They want to take some time to enjoy their cool underground fortress and celebrate their victory. The snake king is exasperated at first, but Skales is all ‘Hey, they deserve it, we can unleash the great devourer tomorrow.’ Pythor agrees, but he’s not a complete idiot. He warns the snakes to not let their guard down.

In the cage, everyone is settling in to wait for Lloyd, or the end of the world, whichever comes first. Except Kai. He’s too impatient to just sit around and do nothing.

Kai: Just because we don’t have our weapons doesn’t mean we can’t use our powers. We just need to focus…

Sensei: The chamber was built out of vengestone. Our elemental powers are rendered useless.

Me: Well isn’t that convenient. There’s a special rock we’ve never heard of before that can negate their powers.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Kai is both the most impatient and determined guy we know. He uses Jay’s hair oil to grease himself down and slip through the bars of the cage. He grabs a near-by hanging chain and loops it through the bars, giving himself a line to swing on. In the cage the others rock the prison back and forth to give him more distance.

Meanwhile below them the snakes have started a slither pit for entertainment. The fight is over a boiling vat of venom. Most of the Serpentine are too busy watching to notice Kai’s escape attempt, but not Pythor. The snake king is waiting for Kai when he swings to a nearby ledge. Now the snakes have the guys all manacled to the bars.

Lloyd, meanwhile, has started his rescue attempt.

Lloyd: Woosh! Ninja roll! Flying ki-whoa! –Trips– Ninja recover!

Me: You are so freaking adorable!

The kid at least manages to sneak into the chamber and find the cage where his friends are being held. He tries to run into action, but instead he trips and falls all the way down to the fighting arena, attracting the attention of all the snakes.

Lloyd: …I really gotta grow into this thing… Well! If we don’t meet again, Pythor! Unhand the ninja, or suffer humiliation against… the green ninja!

Pythor: –Beat– Pahahahahahahaha! Oh yeah? You and what army?

Lloyd: Uh, how about my army of fists! –The snakes all laugh even more

Lord Garmadon: Or this army!


Pythor is all ‘Why would the skeletons work for you again, didn’t you betray them back in the pilot?’ But it turns out everyone hates snakes. Yes, the dark lord has returned to help his son. Because if anyone is going to threaten Ninjago, it’s gonna be Lord Garmadon, dang it!

So the two evil armies do battle. Pythor pulls a lever sending the ninja down toward the vat of venom amidst the chaos. Just when the gunk is eating away at the bottom of the cage, Lloyd finds the lever to release them and the golden weapons. An all-out battle royal begins as our heroes join the brawl.

Lord Garmadon tries to have a show-down with Pythor, but Pythor is really not the fighting type. The snake flees… right into the Cole. And the other ninja. Luckily for the snake king, the Anacondri’s snake power is the ability to become invisible, and he disappears. The ninja leave with the four fang-blades.

Back on the airship, Lloyd finds his father packing.

Lloyd: You’re leaving?

Garmadon: Now that you’re safe, and the ninja have the fang-blades, there is nothing else I am needed for.

Lloyd: I need you. –Really sad, regretful face from Garmadon- -Sigh– I know you have to leave, but know this. When we meet again, I’m gonna do everything in my power to defeat you.

Garmadon: –Pats Lloyd on the head with a sad smile– Hm. I wouldn’t have it any other way. –Opens the door to leave, but turns back– Oh, and son? You’re a good boy. Soon you’ll be a great man. Although we are now on opposite sides, I’m still very proud of you.

Lloyd: Oh, before you go, I can give you one of Jay’s gliders. You probably don’t need it, but it—Notices his father has already left– might help… So long dad.


Wanna give character X a hug: Zane= 3; Lloyd= 6; Jay= 1; Cole= 1; Nya= 1; Garmadon= 3

I’m just gonna cry a little bit if you don’t mind.

There’s a completely different mood on the bridge where the guys are celebrating the defeat of the Serpentine. Lloyd walks in, depressed, and Nya is all ‘He left, didn’t he?’ She proposes a toast to Lloyd’s dad, and everyone drinks their punch to him, ending the episode on a high note.

…Or do we!?



This episode we finally get a good look at Lloyd’s relationship with his father, and we see how far our four heroes have come from the beginning of the season, fighting-wise. We get a short but interesting ‘great escape’ plot and some awesome fight-scenes. Plot-wise we’re getting pretty close to resolving the problem with the great devourer. Our heroes have the four fang-blades, but Pythor has infiltrated the airship and will undoubtedly be after them next episode.

Character Corner: Lord Garmadon

Yes, finally. Where do I start with this guy? He’s an evil mastermind bent on remaking Ninjago in his image, but he was corrupted into evil by the bite of the great devourer. He’s kind of a tragic villain, because we see how much he cares for his son, and when he’s working together with the ninja, he seems like a nice guy, all things considered. I feel Garmadon’s character is best summed up in the scene where Lloyd finds him stealing information from the airship’s computer. Evil has consumed his life, and he doesn’t seem to like it, but apparently he can’t help it. He doesn’t want this fate for his son, which is apparently why he’s left Lloyd.

Head-canon Corner

It’s pretty much confirmed that Lloyd has spent some extended time with his father before. He can’t leave if he was never there in the first place! The kid’s obviously got some abandonment issues. The question remains how long they were together. Did Lloyd live in the underworld with him for a time? Did Lord Garmadon stay with him in his shadow form at the boarding school? I dunno.

Over-all Episode Quality: Great

This episode has awesome fight scenes and some really heart-wrenching moments. The atmosphere in both scenes helps them flow and feel like they’re all part of the same narrative without the transition being too sudden.


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