LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 6 Review


We open with Pythor and Skales digging in the desert looking for the legendary lost city of Oroboros, whatever that might be. Skales says Pythor’s become desperate since he’s the last of his tribe, but Pythor insists he just wants to unleash the great devourer and get revenge on the humans. He continues digging and hits something hard. It’s a lever, and pulling it uncovers an entire city in the sand. Huh. I guess the legend was true.

You/ yeeeah you/ yeah/ you are the legend and the legend is true!

You/ yeeeah you/ yeah/ you are the legend and the legend is true! Ok, Ok, last time, I swear.

Ok, Ok, last time, I swear.

On the airship our heroes are discussing the best way to fight a Serpentine. Lloyd asks Sensei Wu what the best way to fight one is, and he says ‘The flute that you guys stupidly lost!’ The guys are all ‘It was stolen, not our fault!’ But Sensei is just ‘Whatever. It’s gone now.’

Moving on to happier news, the guys get spiffy new uniforms. They’ve got armor and stuff. I like the new designs alright, but they’re kinda busy; I liked the simplicity of the old uniforms. However, these new uniforms come with the back-mounted sheaths that I thought were so cool when I first got to play with a Ninjago set, so there’s that.

Lloyd: Aw, nothing for me?

Sensei: Oh. Uhm… you get… the box.

Oh boy. Thanks. You shouldn't have.

Oh boy. Thanks. You shouldn’t have.

However, box adventures will have to wait. The Serpentine have shown up at the amusement park. Lloyd is eager to come along, for obvious reasons, but Sensei tells him he needs to stay on the airship where it’s safe. The guys jabber excitedly about their new uniforms (what are you, a bunch of tween-age girls?) before skydiving down to the park. But to their surprise, the Serpentine have already been wrangled by the time they arrive.

Kai: Uh, what just happened?

Girl 1: Oh, you totally missed it. There were like, icky snakes everywhere, and then this, like, mysterious samurai guy came in and saved everyone.

Girl 2: He was, like, gorgeous!

Kai: You saw his face?

Girl 1: Nah, but we could totally tell.

The guys hear everyone in the amusement park going on about how cool the samurai is, and get a little jealous. Sensei and Nya show up, and the old man tells them “Iron sharpens iron”. Basically, a little healthy competition will be good motivation for them to reach their full potential.

Wait a second. If Nya and Sensei are down here… Who the heck is watching Lloyd? He’s like nine! You can’t just leave him alone on a flying, weapons-equipped airship!

Cole points out that a competition with a huge mechanical marvel equipped with every gadget it could ever need is hardly a fair one, but Kai says maybe they should compete among themselves instead. Whoever can find the true identity of the samurai first is obviously the most skilled, and therefore must be the one destined to be the green ninja. Can’t argue with that logic!

That day there are multiple Serpentine attacks, which is convenient for the guys’ bet. But each time the Samurai shows up and takes out the snakes first. Kai and Cole both try and fight him, but each time the Samurai easily disables them and leaves. Jay even dresses up as a damsel in distress, tied to a train track like in an old silent movie.

Heaven knows what Jay is planning on doing if the mystery warrior takes the bait.

Heaven knows what Jay is planning on doing if the mystery warrior takes the bait.

But the Samurai builds another track around him to divert the train.

Later, Kai drops Lloyd off at an arcade. It’s apparently his turn to watch the kid, but the red ninja wants to look for the samurai instead.

Lloyd: Well, let me help!

Kai: No.

Lloyd. Come on! At least let me off at a decent arcade.

Kai: Sorry shorty. –Drives off

Lloyd: Kai! Wait! –coughs

What? You can’t just leave him there by himself! This kid is the worst case of child neglect in a cartoon I’ve seen in a while, and I watch Fairly Odd Parents!

Unsurprisingly, Lloyd gets into trouble when left unattended. He overhears some Serpentine in a nearby alleyway discussing rumors that Pythor has discovered the lost city or Oroboros. Apparently there’s going to be a fight, and that gets the snakes interested. (Geez, I feel like I’m listening to a bunch of delinquent kids talking about gym class before school starts) The snakes get on a snakebus to the city, and Lloyd sneaks on with a snake costume.

Seems legit.

Seems legit.

Luckily the driver doesn’t seem to notice, and the kid rides off. He seems to be pretty happy that he actually gets to do something for once.

Look at that smile! He’s so adorable!

Look at that smile! He’s so adorable!

The snakebus arrives in the ancient city where the Serpentine have gathered. We check in with Pythor and Skales, who appear to be plotting something.

Pythor: Just do as I’ve said, and I promise you will be my second in command. Forever. –The two put in earplugs-

It seems the reason Pythor has gathered all the Serpentine is to challenge all the other Generals to a Slither Pit so he can lead all the tribes. At first the other Generals beat him down pretty badly, but then Skales sneaks him the special flute that he stole from the ninja last episode. It subdues the other three, and Skales throws in his staff, prompting the others to do the same. Pythor is now the master of the Serpentine. All the snakes bow, and as Lloyd follows suit, he drops his maracas and his hat falls off. What’s worse, Pythor recognizes him.

Oh Crap.

The next morning on the airship the guys are complaining that they still don’t have any leads on the identity of the samurai. Sensei comes in and is like ‘Morning. Where’s my nephew at?’

Kai: I… I thought Cole was gonna pick him up.

Cole: I went to the arcade, but he wasn’t there.

Me: You didn’t go looking for him!? You guys are terrible! You can’t just leave a kid at an arcade over night!

Cole: Jay was—

Jay: Don’t bring me into this, I babysat last time!

Me: You are all terrible!

Sensei tells them they’d better go out and find the kid! The ninja go back to the arcade (yeah, like he’s still going to be there the next day) and look at the footage from the security camera outside to see if they can find anything. They see Lloyd go into an alley in his snake costume, and inside the alley they find the snakebus tracks. They follow the tracks out into the desert and into the Serpentine city. After sneaking inside they spot Lloyd.

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 3

Times Lloyd gets tied up/ put in a cage= 3

The guys spring into the arena to grab the kid, but it turns out it’s a trap. Pythor takes their golden weapons and says they’re the main event: Ninja VS Samurai! Yes, it looks like the snakes managed to catch the samurai off screen, (at least I assume so, considering he’s chained up) and now the two parties will be made to fight gladiator style.

Zane: Perhaps he can join our team to fight our way out. After all, he hates the Serpentine too.

Samurai throws a spinning blade at them

Cole: Scratch that! He is not on our team!

So our heroes have to fight the giant robot of death without their golden weapons of power. I’m detecting a bit of favoritism here.

Well, they may be without their weapons, but Zane suggests they use the Tornado of Creation to tip the odds in their favor. They create a giant slingshot and score a shot right in the samurai’s cockpit. They’re about to rush in when Pythor pulls a lever, creating a spiral of spikes through the ring and cutting them off from the giant mech. Jay calls hax, so Pythor pulls another lever to tip the ring on its side and troll him. (Never call hax in this world, it just prompts the baddie to make things worse for you)

The ninja and the samurai all grab onto the spikes to keep themselves from falling into the pit below the ring. The mystery warrior tells them they need to keep faking the fight (We were faking the fight!?) and hop onto the giant mech so they can all escape. So the guys dog-pile the robot, which activates its thrusters and starts to fly away. However, it can’t fly high enough to clear the city with all five of them weighing it down, so the mystery warrior jumps out, allowing the ninja to escape.

Cole: I can’t believe he just saved us!

Kai: He stole our thunder again!

Jay: Gah! I hate that samurai!

Me: Wow, ungrateful much? You guys are all jerks in this episode!

Back in the arena, the samurai rushes Pythor, but the snake grabs Lloyd out of the cage, apparently to use as a meat shield or something, and orders the Serpentine to attack! The mystery warrior uses a magnetizer to grab the golden weapons (gold isn’t magnetic, but ok) and then takes off with his own jetpack. He even gives a classy bow before flying out of the city.

Meanwhile, the samurai mech has crashed, and Kai apparently fell off a while back before the others. He’s far enough away from the others that he can’t hear or see them. He does, however, see the samurai crash not too far off. He sees the mystery warrior take the helmet off.

Kai: Nya?

Nay: Steer clear ninja! Don’t look… –realizes he’s already seen– at me.

Kai: I don’t understand. You’re the samurai!?

Nya: It was always a boy’s club. You never let me try to help. So… I found my own way to be a hero. Are you mad?

Kai: Mad? Of course not! It’s just… all this time, I’ve been trying to protect you, and you’ve never needed it. You’re amazing!

Me: Except for that one time she got kidnapped. But that was in the pilot, and the pilot isn’t that good. Also, I love this scene.

Nya asks Kai not to tell the others, and he promises. Unfortunately, this mission to rescue Lloyd was a failure, so it looks like they’re going to have to cut their losses and try again another day. Nya’s going to have to go back herself so the others don’t find out her secret, but before they part, Kai has some advice for her.

Kai: Nya, whenever I get in trouble the others always have my back, but you… just… be careful, will you?

Nya: Promise.

Me: Aaaaaaw.

The other three are looking around for Kai when the samurai mech reactivates and flies off, leaving them apparently stranded. Then Kai comes over the sand-dune with the golden weapons, so they can turn them into vehicles and get home. (I’m sorry, the ‘weapons become vehicles’ thing is still stupid)

That night the guys are questioning Kai about the samurai, like why (s)he’d give him back the golden weapons rather than just keep them for him(her)self. Kai’s all ‘I dunno, maybe she—I mean he’s not that bad.’ But Sensei is all ‘You’re still on about that samurai? My nephew has been kidnapped by snakes!’

The guys reassure him they’ll find a way to rescue Lloyd.

We close with Sensei handing Nya a spinning blade like the one she used in the arena earlier.

Sensei: I think you forgot something. Iron sharpens iron, and sibling sharpens sibling.

I may have given this episode a hard time, but it’s actually one of my favorites. As I said in episode three, I love a good family story. I have two younger brothers, so while my relationship with them isn’t quite like Kai and Nya’s, I still see shades of it with them.

The fights in this episode are awesome, and we get some great feels at the end with Kai and Nya. Lloyd getting kidnapped and the Serpentine uniting are also major plot points for the latter half of season one. We’ll see where it leads us next episode.

Character Corner: Nya and Kai

This is my first chance to take a closer look at two characters’ relationship. We already did these two separately, but they’ve both grown a bit since then, and I haven’t given an overview of their brother-sister dynamic. Kai is very protective of his sister, possibly because their parents died when they were young and he had to take care of her. So he constantly sees her as a little girl who needs to be taken care of, even though it’s clear from episode one that she can take care of herself. He’s also kinda got the whole “girls can’t do cool stuff, they’re girls, ew cooties” attitude. After he learns that Nya’s the samurai, it wears off, which I like. It shows that he’s gained a lot of respect, not just for his sister, but for women in general.

Nya, bless her heart, puts up with a lot of Kai’s sexist idiocy and is generally very supportive of him, although she clearly gets annoyed with him from time to time. She’s done her best to help the ninja since episode one, but, as she said, no one ever let her, so she built the samurai. (She’s like a female Tony Stark) This doesn’t come completely out of nowhere. In earlier episodes we see her using the training course while the guys are gone, and she runs the bridge of the airship, which takes some mechanical know-how.

Head-canon Corner:

This is more of a “look back at this episode knowing the outcome” thing. Remember at the beginning when the two valley girls were fawning over the samurai? How they said they could totally tell it was a gorgeous guy? I wonder how Nya felt about that. Also, why’d she use the knockout gas on the guys last episode? I know she wants to keep her identity a secret, but that was really mean.

Over-all Episode Quality: Well Above Average

This one just barely misses the Great mark because the guys are mostly jerks in this episode, and the atmosphere doesn’t quite get to the level of other Great episodes. It does, however, have some great character development and some very important plot elements.


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